Flight 64 Printmaking Studio

 Po Box 11373 Portland OR 97211

Studio Membership Acceptance Form, Updated June 2010

_________________________________, hereinafter referred to as Member, hereby applies for membership in Flight 64.

Flight 64, an Oregon Public Benefit Corporation, maintains a printmaking facility for the use of its Members at 4927 NE 30th and Alberta in Portland, Oregon.

With this application, Member has submitted an artist’s resume, letter of intent and five examples of the Member’s work for the purpose of demonstrating that Member has adequate experience and background to use the printmaking facility.

Upon acceptance of this Membership Application, Member agrees as follows:

1. Member will pay monthly dues as set by the board on or before the 5th day of each month. At the time of this contract, the dues are $80.00 per month for a Member rate and $100.00 per month at Guest Artist rate. Rates subject to change by the board. Membership requires a three-month sequential commitment from the time this agreement is signed. Both members and guest artists are subject to a $15.00 late fee if dues are not received before the 5th day of each month. Member agrees to pay any other fees adopted by the board.

Failure to pay dues will result in membership termination.

I agree to the rate and guidelines of:

_____ Membership $80.00

_____ Guest $100.00

2. Member will pay a key deposit fee of $25.00 upon receipt of a key to the side gate which fee shall be returnable upon return of the key. If accepting a key initial here________

Member may choose to not accept a gate key and wave the $25.00. If not accepting a key initial here________

3. Member agrees not to share the door code with any non-members unless prior approval is given by the board.

4. Member agrees to keep Member’s work area clean and to assist in keeping the facility clean.

5. Member will not allow non-members to utilize the facility unless prior board approval has been

obtained in writing or non-member is participating in a Flight 64 sponsored event.

6. Member agrees to donate one print per year to Flight 64’s print collection which print may be

retained by Flight 64 or sold to help in paying for studio improvement or other fundraising efforts.

7. Member will respect other Members’ property and space and will not disrupt or interfere with other Members’ printmaking activities.

8. Member acknowledges that the facility uses presses, solvents, chemicals and acids which may be dangerous. Member uses such machinery, solvents, chemicals and acids at his or her own risk. Flight 64 shall not be liable to Member for any damages or injuries to Member as a result of such use.

9. Member agrees to handle all inks, solvents, chemicals and acids with care and will make sure such items are properly stored after use.

10. Member agrees that Flight 64 shall not be liable to Member for any property, materials or artwork that may be lost, stolen or damaged while on the premises.

11. Member agrees to abide by such other rules and regulations as may be adopted by Flight 64 from time to time.

12. Member represents that he or she is familiar with the operation of the presses and other machinery and the use of inks, solvents, acids and other chemicals that may be in use at the facility and agrees to not use the presses and other machinery and the use of inks, solvents, acids and other chemicals in a manner that is inconsistent with their normal use or in a manner that might damage or injure the premises, other Members or their property.

13. In consideration for the privilege of using the facility pursuant to this agreement, Member shall not claim any damages from Flight 64 or its officers or directors in connection with or on account of any injuries or damages arising in or on the premises while being used by Member and Member’s guests or invitees and Member further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Flight 64 and its officers and directors from any and all claims or damages in connection with the use of the facility by Member and Member’s guests or invitees.

14. In the event of a violation of this agreement, Flight 64 may upon written notice to Member terminate Member’s membership and shall not be required to refund any portion of the membership fee paid for the month in which termination occurs.

15. Member may terminate Member’s membership at the end of any calendar month by notifying Flight 64 thirty days in advance and returning the key to Flight 64 on or before the end of such calendar month.

16. Flight 64 may terminate a Member’s membership with or without cause. Member agrees to return the key to Flight 64 on or before the end of such calendar month and remove personal belongings from the studio in a timely manner.

17. Member acknowledges that only limited supplies may be supplied by Flight 64 and that Member is expected to supply a majority of Member’s own supplies including but not limited to paper, specialty tools, copper and other specialty items needed for personal projects. Member is not allowed to bring in any acids, solvents or chemicals that may be harmful to the health of other Members without consulting the Executive Director or the Flight 64 Studio Tech. Flight 64 will provide acid used at the facility and will supply alcohol, oil and other cleaning materials.

18. Member will be given the opportunity to exhibit artwork in solo and/or group shows where 10% of all sales will go to Flight 64.

19. Member is allowed to take a sabbatical according to the policy stated in the by-laws. At the time of this contract, one month of sabbatical can be taken for each year of commitment and requires prior written notification. Sabbatical requests must be submitted to the board for approval at least one week before desired sabbatical time.

20. Member agrees to take part in this studio by volunteering a part of their time and skills by involving

themselves with one committee. Guest artists are not required to collaborate with committees.

21. Members of Flight 64 shall act responsibly in regards to Oregon state laws especially regarding drug, alcohol and smoking laws.

22. Member allows Flight 64 use their work and information in effort to promote the studio’s mission.

23. The Flight 64 Bylaws are incorporated into this agreement.

Date this ____ day of ________ in the year _________

___________________________ ______________________________ Member (printed name) (signature)

_______________________________ _______________________________ Address E-mail

_______________________________ ________________________________ Zip Code Website

_______________________________ ________________________________ Home Phone Cellular Phone

Emergency Contact

_______________________________ ____________________________ Name Phone

_______________________________ Relationship to Member

The above Application is accepted subject to the foregoing terms and conditions and the Member is hereby accepted as a Member of Flight 64 Printmaking Studio.

Flight 64

______________________________ ____________________________ (Flight 64 Officer Title and Name)

______________________________ (Signature of Officer stated above)