AGLC  LT  Meeting   August 9, 2010

Attendees:  Kenn Mingus, Phil Hart, Sally Hart, Nolan Clemens, Patti Langsdale, Susie Henning, Michelle and Nick Billardello, Tim Draney, Carl Christensen, Tonya Tomlin, Jeff Trang, Kim Saunders

Carl opened in prayer at 7:00

Old Business

Bank Account – we have a bank account and we have money.  

Nolan presented form for Summary of Cash Receipts and Disbursements

Bishop’s visit to LWLC – Bishop Kanouse has been uninvited by council and therefore will not be visiting LW.

Wednesday night bible study – Location is still pending.  We would like to start this on Sept 8 at 6:30 pm

Sunday School – Patti is working with Terri Sakakeeny and Pat Mingus. The three of them are meeting tomorrow morning with Nick.  What age groups do we think we will have?  Terri is concerned about teenagers and would like to have Nick teach them.  Nick is also willing to have a teen group meet at his house on Sunday nights.

Membership transfer process – Ken and Phil will meet with the Bishop and Stephen on 8/12 to discuss this process.

1st Sunday Checklist

Green altar vestments are at Calvary.  Susie and Julie can make other ones.  Nick would like them to bring fabric to church and create them as part of worship.  (Nick also talked to Brad Carroll and he is very excited about what we are doing.)  

Bulletins – Calvary has put Nick on their Sundays and Seasons software package.  This package has all the ELCA worship resources available.  He will create some sample bulletins and email them to us for feedback.  They will be printed on Friday.  There are two options for the lectionary this week due to Sunday being the Feast of Mary.  Nick, Susie and Jeff decided on the order of the service for Sunday.  

Communion Assistants – Jeff, Phil, and Lundeen

Reader – Sally

Altar Guild – Tonya, Patti, and Kim We will use both trays of cups.  Tonya will bring the white tablecloth to go over the altar table.  Tonya will get the wine and Patti will make bread.  We will borrow some gluten free wafers from Calvary.

Coffee hosts – Tim is working on getting coffee mugs.  Nolan has coffee and filters.  Tim and Nolan are making coffee, Sally is making lemonade.  We will bring coffee cake.

Counters – Dee and Carl with Lynette helping

Signs – Tim has ordered them and they will be ready tomorrow.  We have two sandwich boards to put by the church and two parking signs and a church entrance sign.  

Offering Envelopes – Kim will pick these up at Mardels as well as prayer request cards.

Name Tags – Tonya and Patti will bring some.  Phil and Sally will be at the “welcoming station”

Attendance Record – Sally will follow up with Dee on how to record attendance/communion etc

“Organ version” of LBW from Bill Waxenberg – Sally will pick this up.

Set up and Take Down – all of us.  We need a second set of keys.  

Sally made a schedule through the end of September for people to volunteers to sign-up for service positions.  

Service project for September – We will collect underwear (especially boys) and socks for GRACE.

Carl – talked to Rabbi at Colleyville Synagogue and found that the building is not available on Sunday morning due to their having educational classes on Sunday morning.  Today he and Pat talked to a Thrivent representative about our church and asked if they could provide any funding for us.  Carl thinks that he and Nolan and anyone else who wants to join could have a meeting with him.  Maybe we should have a business type card made up so that we can hand them out as we are talking to people.  Tim will talk to someone about also making a business size magnetic card.  

Did anyone follow up about newspapers – no.  Could we interest one of the papers into doing a short article about us?  We will ask Dee if she is interested in this.  

Carl handed out and explained the Cash Transaction Detail Form.

Phil mentioned that we need to mail postcards to friends from LW as well as other friends.  Sally saw some at Staples and Tim can have them printed.  We need to start the design.  Phil and Sally will create some ideas and email them to us.  Nolan will talk to Post Office about getting tax exempt status for large mailings.  

Announcements during service – Phil will do the announcements this week and they will be at the beginning of the service.

Next meeting – next Monday night at 7:00pm  August 16

Nick and Michelle are moving to a new home and could use help on Saturday.  They will email us their address.

Jeff closed in prayer at 8:35pm