Base Capture

An Outdoor Game


Base Capture is a fast-paced outdoor game that combines elements of Capture the Flag, Flag Football, and role playing. To win, a team must capture their opponent’s Home base by deflagging it.

What You’ll Need:

People: There need to be at least 3 players per team.

Flags: For flags, you can use colored bandannas or make cloth strips. For each player: 2 flags, or a flag football belt with 2 removable flags. For each base: 2 flags. For each Reflagger player (see ‘Player Roles’): 2 extra flags. A team of 4 players will need 8 flags for bases, 8 flags for players, and 2 extra flags for a Deflagger.

Field: You need a large, semi-open area, like a park with some trees or posts. For safety, decide if boundaries are necessary.


When all of a player's flags are removed, they have been ‘deflagged’ and must ‘reflag’ to continue playing. To reflag, they return to a team base or Reflagger (see ‘Player Roles’) to put their flags back on. There are no ‘safe’ zones where players are immune to deflagging. If players have lost a flag but still have another, they can go to a base to put it back on. The deflagged player is responsible for collecting their lost flags. Players who remove opponents’ flags should leave them in an obvious place or give them back.

Team Bases: 

Home & Field Bases: 2 flags mark teams’ Home and Field bases. A team’s bases serve as Reflagging locations. The flags marking each base should be in plain sight and within reach.

Team Base Locations: Before each game begins, teams agree on the location of each Home base, and choose 2 Field base locations. Select 1 Field base location near each team’s Home base. Make sure Field base locations are evenly distributed. At the beginning of each game, 2 flags from each team are kept at the base, but the base locations near each team’s Home base belong to them, and begin the game marked by their team’s flags. When a base is captured, either team can capture it.


Capturing Bases: Teams capture a base by deflagging it of their opponents flags and marking it with their own team’s. Once a base flag is removed, the deflagging player should leave the flag at the base location. To mark a base, a Reflagger (see ‘Player Roles’) places their team’s 2 base flags onto the Field base location.

Player Roles:

At the beginning of each game, there are 3 roles that players assume: Captors, Base Captors, or Reflaggers. Each team should have at least one of each role. For teams of 4 or more players, half of the team should play as Captors (round up with odd numbers). All player roles can deflag opponents and capture bases, but some focus on specific abilities.

Once players choose a role, they cannot play as another during the game. To this rule there is an exception: after the team captures the opponent Field base, Reflaggers can play a special role called Deflagger.

Modifications for teams with 10 or more players per team:

1. For every 5 players each team has over 5, an additional Neutral base location is selected. The Neutral base location should be near the middle of the field, can be built at by either team, and should be marked or in an obvious place (10 players per team = 1 Neutral base locations, 15 players per team = 2 Neutral base locations, etc).

2. For every 5 players each team has over 5, another flag may be added to team’s Home and Field bases (10 players per team = 3 flags per base, etc).

Created by: Rustin

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