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Glasgow Ultimate meeting. 15/11/2011

1. Training sessions/venues

Discussion points:

  1. Are we happy to keep training at Garscube on Monday nights?
  2. Will we hire training facilities, if so where and how often, weekly? Monthly, Termly?
  3. Should we dedicate specific training sessions to elite (invite only), social (everyone), youth (if we ever had enough interested).
  4. Skills day? Or regular skills sessions.
  5. What are we willing to pay?


2. Tournaments

Discussion points:

  1. Which tournaments will we aim to play: Tour, Cube, Indoors, Windmill?
  2. Who will be Glasgow Open captain? Encourage guys to go to tour if not with Fusion.
  3. Do we want to organise fixtures against other teams? Mixed, open womens?


3. Coaching

Discussion points:

  1. Who wants to coach at training - i.e run warm ups, drills, go over tactics etc
  2. Who will be the head coaches – Main coaches to plan sessions and devise tactics.
  3. Do we want to get in guest coaches?
  4. Any comments on coaching so far and how best to coach beginners for next year
  5. Training resources need to be completed and put online
  6. How do we find time to improve individual skills? Mentoring? 1 in every 4 trainings a skill session?
  7. Can anyone offer anything else to the club e.g. fitness, nutrition, medical, technical coaching of Frisbee and non-frisbee related skills.
  8. Video instruction?



4. Club finances


Discussion points:

  1. Officially elect a Treasurer.
  2. Do we officially have a bank account, can we pay in via internet?
  3. Are there any outstanding debts to the club?


5. New Away Kit

Discussion points:

  1. Will we order new kit and where from
  2. Should we keep the fox and the original design and for how long
  3. Does the fox really look like a horse?
  4. Who has any better ideas
  5. Can we afford to print discs?
  6. Can we afford to get new bibs/cones/fitness equipment?



6. Youth training and putting together a child safeguarding policy

Discussion points:        

  1. Sport in schools – how many willing coaches do we have? Can we make this happen?
  2. What do coaches need to do next?
  3. Are we willing to get in touch with schools or youth clubs?
  4. How can we attract youth players in to the club?
  5. Who will write the safeguarding policy
  6. Who will oversee youth development and be first contact for sport in schools?


7. Sponsorship/Funding and putting together a club constitution

Discussion points:

  1. Funding options.
  2. Club constitution
  3. Fill out National Lottery application with committee
  4. Sponsorship
  5. Can we fundraise for the club
  6. Do we want to fundraise for charity?
  7. Is there an opportunity to host a tournament?


8. Recruitment

Discussion points:

  1. From universities – can uni teams run another recruitment drive after Christmas?
  2. Can we recruit from other sports clubs
  3. Bring a friend to training day?
  4. Should we run demonstration events e.g. charity match Glasgow v Edinburgh
  5. Should we try to get involved in more events e.g. bigonthebeach
  6. Can we advertise in local sport centres etc
  7. Can we use the internet


9. Social Networking

Discussion points:

  1. Website – Does this need updating? Can performance be improved? What content is relevant?
  2. Facebook page – is this useful? Would it be better as a group?
  3. Would twitter be a better option?.
  4. Blog. Probably on website, a weekly article then pass it on to someone else, can be anything at all about personal experience, training, mental prep, healthy eating, links to other good resources.


10. University Teams


Discussion Points:

  1. How can we shift the focus to outdoors. Why are top players not attending outdoors.
  2. Why have the men in particular failed to make Div1 nationals recently?
  3. Do university captains need to be coaches and managers too?
  4. Handover period – elect posts start of 2nd term
  5. Will there be a Shield match? – YES. Before div2 or combined with Friday social
  6. How is Glasgow club viewed within university teams, are you encouraging new members to play/train with club team?


Club Positions Elected:                         


Club President


Club Secretary


Club Captain, Webmaster, Designated Safeguarding Officer


Vice Captain


Womens Captain


Treasurer, Glasgow Ultimate Summer Holiday 2012 Organiser


Tournament Committee

Oli, Marky, Niall, Bryan, Sarah, Phil 

Social Convenor


Team Kit organiser


Web design consultant


Vice Womens Captain, Head Coaches, Youth development


Members in attendance: 16

Shaun, Philip, Sarah, Hilary, Brian, Hamish, Ryan, Niall, Laurie, Oli, Donald, Nigel, Andy, Marky, Yannick, Ross