Consumer Behavior

Case 1, Question 1



Discuss, in significant detail, how “alternative” consumption & non-consumption are tied to people’s ideas of themselves (e.g., their real & ideal selves, looking glass selves, extended selves, inner v. other-defined selves, etc.).  Explain & support your answer, using the textbook, the Persuaders video, “My Misspent Youth,” and the “Relationship Theory” article by Susan Fournier (located in the contents section of D2L).




Notes:  Don’t assume that this question only refers to Burning Man participants, hippies, etc.  EVERYONE engages in alternative & non-consumption behaviors – even you!

Don’t make unsupported assertions.  I expect proof for any assertion that you make about individuals or groups of consumers (see my link, above...).


In fact, I expect proof for everything you assert in your case study answers.  If you need a number to help you figure out how specific I want you to be, try to aim for ~10 different citations per page.  I expect you to use info from all the assigned chapters of the textbook, and from both articles (esp. from Fournier’s), to bolster your answer.


If you’re stumped and don’t know how to start answering this question, try thinking about how people have “relationships” with brands/products that they DON’T consume, or actively reject.  To get your critical thinking going, you can start with yourself -- what brands do you choose to avoid, and why?  Now expand your thinking beyond yourself.  (Serious note: use your own experience only as a starting point to get your juices flowing, not the main info/argument in your answer.) 


****Remember the two biggest questions to ask yourself as you’re answering the question:


“Have I proven that this is a correct answer?”

“Have I proven that this is a complete answer?”

Your answer should be ~3 pp, typed and double-spaced.