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Ron Paul’s Speech today in Austin comes as the presidential candidate continues to rack up victories over Mitt Romney,  the candidate for whom Mainstream Media rolls over.


Paul supporters aren’t taking it lying down and have been live streaming all convention proceedings in Maine and Nevada, where the Texas congressman AGAIN is defeating establishment Republicans on every front.


The Maine GOP State Convention can be seen here:


And more live stream coverage of the Nevada Convention is here:


All Speeches by Ron Paul and the crowds of thousands are being covered here:


“Mainstream Media and their audiences of millions don’t know that the GOP race isn’t over AND they don’t know that Ron Paul continues to deal severe blows to politics as usual” said John P. Slevin.  This week, Paul spoke at UC Davis and all local media received news releases predicting that thousands would attend the speech.  Thousands did AND for the first time EACH local television news station actually aired stories about huge crowds supporting Ron Paul.


“Maybe Austin television will go their Sacramento colleagues one better.  Perhaps we’ll see Texas Mainstream Media report the fact of Ron Paul winning votes at State Conventions in Nevada and in Maine, and again drawing thousands to his speech at the State Capitol.”


Here’s what it looked like when Paul spoke on the lawn of the LBJ Library on April 26, 2012:


Media Contact: John P. Slevin is Director/ and Organizer/People United for Ron Paul and in that latter capacity issues this news release.  916-290-8618 and

This news release also can be viewed here:

 [WinLiberty is a 527 political organization and neither supports nor opposes candidates.]

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May 4th, 2012


Presidential candidate and Texas congressman Ron Paul brings his speech tour and crowds of thousands to the South steps of the Capitol in Austin, Texas on May 6th, 2012, at 2pm CST.


This news release and others can be accessed by anyone online:


On Thursday, April 26 Paul drew thousands to hear him speak on the lawn of the LBJ Library at the University of Texas/Austin.


A short film of the crowds gathering for that event (and shot by a professional videographer and Ron Paul supporter), Ron Paul in Austin, Texas can be viewed here:


WinLiberty itself has produced 2 full length Ron Paul speech films: We’ve Got Your Back and Freedom Storm, both of which can be viewed at the same page.  Also easily located from that one webpage are hundreds of photos, slideshows and clips from many recent speeches.


The simple fact is Ron Paul outdraws ALL his opponents COMBINED. He’s been doing so since the LAST election.  And, for the most part, Mainstream Media ignore the phenomenon.


WinLiberty seeks to document Ron Paul’s Historic Speeches and the Historic Crowds of supporters.


In every city, at every speech, thousands of people come out to see and hear Ron Paul.


On Sunday, Ron Paul again will speak and again thousands will be there to cheer, to chant, to wave signs and honor and defend liberty.

“Let Americans see these crowds for Ron Paul” said John P. Slevin, Director/WinLiberty (  WinLiberty documents these crowds for Ron Paul because Mainstream Media won’t.  Let no one say it never happened.  It’s happening; it’s just that you almost never see it on your TV or read about it in the paper.”


Slevin also is Organizer of People United for Ron Paul and in that capacity issues this news release---WinLiberty seeks to preserve and maintain a public record of these important, historic events: 916-290-8618 1017 L Street #410 Sacramento, California 95814

[ WinLiberty is a 527 political organization and neither supports nor opposes candidates.

WinLiberty supports free, fair, open and honest elections. ]

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Ron Paul speaks at UC Davis, in the Quad, at 7pm PST.  1000’s will be there.


People United for Ron Paul and WinLiberty are covering this event on and on the massively popular internet site Daily Paul:


1000’s of people AGAIN will show to see and hear Ron Paul speak at UC Davis.  1000’s showed last night in Fullerton, California.  That produced at least one intelligent article by a Mainstream News organization:


Will Mainstream Media again opt to avoid the fact of 1000’s of Ron Paul supporters at every campaign event in favor of things more banal?  Will Americans see and read actual news or will they get more of the typical fare?


Will we see replays of Newt getting nipped by a penguin?


Are we to watch another panel discussion on the merits of Herman Cain, Donald Trump, Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachmann et al?


John P. Slevin asks: “Will Mainstream Media acknowledge that from the moment they misinformed their audiences  that first Mitt Romney then Rick Santorum had won the Iowa caucuses they were lying?  The Iowa delegates to the GOP national convention won’t be chosen until the middle of June and everyone knows Ron Paul swamped, absolutely swamped the Iowa caucuses…everyone that is except those who rely on Mainstream Media for their news.”


Will Mainstream Media stick to their story as they did again the last few days in failing to report numerous Ron Paul victories around the nation, such as the win in Louisiana which merited not a peep from our esteemed professional news corps?



Media Contact: John P. Slevin

Organizer/People United for Ron Paul and Director/WinLiberty


916-290-8618 1217 L Street #410 Sacramento, CA 95814 and

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This week, Presidential candidate Ron Paul will be speaking in both Northern and Southern California.  Speech events are open to the public with “cameras allowed”, media welcome.  Fundraising luncheons in all cities (media not necessarily allowed; must contact  the campaign for any interview/photo opportunities at the luncheons.).

Wednesday: May 2, 2012-7pm PST-Ron Paul Speaks at Cal State Fullerton/Exact Details direct from the campaign here:

Thurs: May 3, 2012- 7pm PST- Ron Paul speaks at UC Davis/ Exact Details direct from the Paul campaign here:

Friday, May 4, 2012 -7pm PST- Ron Paul speaks in San Diego/Exact

Details direct from the Paul campaign here:

Whenever he speaks in public, Ron Paul draws thousands of supporters of all ages, all political affiliations, all education and income levels.

Arrogantly, Mainstream Media ignore this phenomenon, routinely dismissing longtime member of Congress Paul as “unelectable” and without “real support”.   WinLiberty defies Mainstream Media orthodoxy and documents these Historic Crowds.

Some documentation is here: (left navigation bar has links to movies and clips produced and compiled by WinLiberty)

“Ron Paul outdraws all other candidates combined” said John P. Slevin  Director of WinLiberty who also leads People United for Ron Paul.  Let no one say this isn’t happening, that it never happened.  It’s happening; you just don’t see it on TV or read about it in your newspapers.”

What little coverage there is typically misstates or completely ignores the size of the crowds.  Those crowds dwarf anything achieved by all other candidates combined.”

Media Contact: John P. Slevin Director/WinLiberty and Organizer/People United for Ron Paul 916-290-8618 1017 L Street #410 Sacramento, CA 95814