By-Laws of the

Amateur Radio Club at Georgia Tech

  1. Regular meetings shall be held at least once a month at such time and place as the President shall order. Special meetings shall be called by the President at his discretion or upon written request by any five Members or Associate Members of the club.
  2. An annual assessment of twenty-four dollars is hereby assessed of each Member for the purpose of providing funds for the club. The assessment is thirty-three dollars for Associate Members.
  3. Station facilities shall be used only by Members and Associate Members who have paid their dues for the period involved, and who have been checked out on the equipment by an officer. Guests of such Members and Associate Members shall be permitted to use the facilities provided the Member or Associate Member is present and all applicable Federal regulations and by-laws of the club are adhered to.
  4. A Member or Associate Member whose dues were paid the previous semester (previous two semesters in the case of a Member who was not in school the previous semester) will be dropped from the roster and key list if his/her dues are not paid by the adjournment of the second meeting of the semester.
  5. All Members and Associate Members will be eligible to receive keys for a deposit of $50. The deposit will be returned at the request of the keyholder upon receipt of his key. If the keyholder loses his key, he can receive another for another $50 deposit. If he finds any previously lost keys, they can be returned in exchange for the corresponding deposit. The Treasurer will maintain key deposits and the associated records. The Advisor will maintain the keys. Any exceptions will be handled by the Executive Committee.
  6. All club Members and Associate Members anticipating operation of the club facilities must be thoroughly familiar with the operating technicalities of the station. Users of the station shall abide by all applicable Federal regulations. Any additional instructions for the operation shall be posted in a conspicuous location in the club station by any officer.
  7. The President-elect shall have the power to appoint a Summer semester chairman who shall have the responsibility of directing the operations of the club during the summer if the President or none of the newly elected officers are in school during the summer. The order of preference which the newly elected officers shall use in determining who shall be the summer chairman shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, any Active Member, any Member, any Active Associate Member, then any Associate Member.
  8. The President may appoint any Member or Associate Member, with preference given to Members, as Shack Steward to assist him or her in the maintenance of the equipment in the Shack. The Shack Steward shall be responsible for general shack maintenance and appearance; he or she shall report equipment status at each regular meeting; he or she shall supervise equipment orientation and log-keeping; and he or she shall, on a semesterly basis, maintain a file containing all pertinent records of the club, including minutes, membership rosters, newsletters, and officer’s notes.
  9. The President may appoint any Member or Associate Member, with preference given to Members, as Repeater Manager to assist him or her in the operation of the Club's repeaters in accordance with applicable Federal regulations. The Repeater Manager shall maintain the repeaters in proper working order, ensure automated announcements or other messages are up-to-date, and maintain instructions for remote control of the repeaters.
  10. All operators of transmitting equipment at W4AQL must have on file with the club a valid United States or reciprocal Amateur radio license.
  11. Expenditures exceeding $200 must be approved in advance by a majority vote of the Members present at a meeting, provided there is quorum.
  12. To be considered an “Active” Member or Associate Member, one must have paid his or her dues and been present at four of the previous ten club functions.
  13. Members or Associate Members who have paid their dues but do not meet the remaining requirements for Active Membership are considered “Inactive” Members or Associate Members.  Inactive Members do not count towards quorum but may vote.
  14. All approved purchases are valid for one calendar year from the time funds are allocated to them. After one year unspent allocated funds will require reapproval in order to spend said money.