Upchuck 50k - November 8, 2014

ALL participants must carry some form of hydration: hydration pack, hand-held water bottle, waist belt, or a water bottle from the local gas station duct taped to your hand.

Race Basics:

Please, oh please don’t sign up for this race and expect to be catered to with lots of goodies and swag and stuff that you may or may not think are cool, but surely will toss in the landfill days or week later. This is first and foremost a wilderness single track ultra trail race. That is what you are signing up for and that is precisely what you will get. Aid is minimal and if you run off course you likely will never be found. If you have a history of  roaming off course you should bring a cell phone, but if you decide to use that phone for a non-emergency call, you will be attacked by the locals and never heard from again. This all may sound sort of grim, but there is a significant upside. This could very well be the finest 50K course in all the land. It has wicked climbs and crippling descents into Soddy Creek, Possum Creek and Rock Creek. It will, without a doubt, go down in the race log as one of the best 50k courses you will ever do, and we will cook you a burger at the end. Expect nothing more, and do not even think of making this your 1st ultra.

Save the Planet:

First of all the Upchuck is not the norm for trail races. This is a back to the basics race...like back to nature. This is not only a no frills, no weenies kind of race, but also we are working to be as paper free/waste free as possible. There will be no race numbers (body marking instead) and any other waste we produce should be recyclable/compostable. There will be no cups at the aid stations. Certainly you must bring your own form of hydration pack that we are happy to fill for you with water or HEED. If you care for a sip of Coke or Mtn Dew and you don’t already have one of the slick new re-usable cups, just let us know and we will get you one. However, if we catch you tossing this down or in the trash it will get most unpleasant for you. We should not need to define the word re-usable. Please help us along in this process by keeping trash off the trail and taking note of our recycling bins at the finish.


Everyone will meet at the finish and get your leg marked and jump on the bus. Here are the times to keep in mind:

Bus leaves - 7:30

Race starts - 8:00

Headphones: We strongly discourage the use of headphones during this race for the reason of safety.  Not only is it more challenging to hear other runners, but more difficult to communicate with our race marshals and volunteers along the course. In short, we ask all runners to be as safe and courteous as possible.

We will send all the runners an email with directions and more info toward the end of Oct.

Simple enough?