HomeWork 5Excellence(2020)

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(Reverse chronology)

26 October (Friday)

Complete Targeting Math Unit 13. Skip Pg 173-176.

Performance Task and Math Journal for Unit 13: Properties of 4-sided figures:


For revision,

Check these out:


19 Sept:

To complete Angles Worksheet (ie. till Page 150)

In case you did not manage to copy down in class…

Common errors...


T2W10: Wed, 23 May

Dear all,

Here’s the question (Q1)  that we did in class this morning:


Here’s the link to calculate your t-score:


And this link shows you the secondary schools near tampines


Have a great holiday and spend quality time with your family.

T2W7: Monday, 30 Apr

T2W2: Monday, 26 Mar

Go Edmodo to do your quiz.  :)

T1W9: Fri, 2 Mar

Do the following questions in your math notebook or on a foolscap paper.

T1W7: Wed, 14 Feb


Have fun!

Here’s wishing one and all, a happy lunar new year of the dog! :)


T1W6: Thu, 8 Feb

Social Studies:

List the names of capitals of any 2 countries (preferably in different continents)



T1W5: Friday, 2 Feb

Math: Continue Targetting Math worksheet till page 42.

CNY decor: Take a look at this for inspiration for our CNY classroom decor



T1W4: Friday, 26 Jan

Dear 5E pupils,

Do the following questions in your Math Notes.  

We will discuss on Monday.




T1W4: Wednesday, 24 Jan

Dear 5E pupils,

Do try out the original question which is at the “Original Q” tab

Then click on the “A similar Q” tab to see if you can still do it.

[ Optional: See if you can go onto Edmodo to engage in some discussion about the question. Invite me into your discussion. :)  ]



T1W4: Tuesday, 23 Jan

Try out this question in your Math notes



T1W3: Friday, 19 Jan

  1. Find out who is George Polya.

  1. Recall: 

No. of lines =   3F

No. of dots for figure F    =   3 + 2x(F-1)   or simply   1+2F

  1. How many lines are there for Figure 100?
  2. How many dots are there for Figure 2000?



        Now consider:

  1. How many lines are there for figure F?
  2. How many dots are there for figure F?
  3. How many lines are there for Figure 100?
  4. How many dots are there for Figure 2000?

(posted at 19/1, 2.30pm)


T1W3: Wednesday, 17 Jan

Complete Targeting Math WS1. ie. til page 18.

(Deadline Friday 19/1)

T1W3: Tuesday, 16 Jan


Find the sum of the following series:
1)        1 + 2 + 3 + … + 8 + 9 + 10

2)        5 + 7 + 9 + … + 95 + 97 + 99

3)        8 + 15 + 22 + … + 694 + 701


        Do Activity 1 and 2 of Social Studies workbook 5A


T1W3: Monday, 15 Jan


T1W2: Friday, 12 Jan

Click on the following link.  Workout your answers on a foolscap paper.


(posted at 12/1, 4pm)

T1W2: Thursday, 11 Jan

Click on the following link and write all answers in Math notebook.  Will be checking your books tomorrow.


T1W2: Wednesday, 10 Jan

Do Pg 1 to 4 of Targetting Math worksheet

T1W2: Tuesday, 9 Jan

Consider a 5x5 square grid.

  1. How many squares are there?
  2. How many rectangles are there?

T1W2: Monday, 8 Jan

Click on the following link and solve the question parts (a) and (b)...


Write your answers in your Math book.  We will discuss in class tomorrow.

T1W1: Tuesday, 2 Jan


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