Review Guide for Europe Test

Directions:  Fill out the following review guide using your notes Europe.

1.  The Northern European Plain is a flat area that extends from ____________ to _________________ .

2.  What two countries are located on the Iberian Peninsula?

3.  What country is landlocked and located in the Alps?

4.  List one country that has tundra and permafrost in Europe.

5.  What body of water connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea?

6.  What mountain range is the dividing line between Europe and Asia?

7.  What is a fjord?

8.  What two countries does the Chunnel connect?

9.  What does the term British Isles refer to?

10.  What mountain range separates Italy and France?

11.  List three countries in Europe that have a Mediterranean climate.

12.  What four areas compose the United Kingdom?

13.  What is the name of the ocean current that makes Europe warmer?

14.  Which one of the following types of vegetation is NOT found in Europe:  rainforest, mixed forest, tundra, coniferous forest.

15.  What countries in Europe have a highland climate zone?

16.  What is chernozem?

17.  Do all of the countries in Europe have a developed or developing economy?

18.  List three countries that did NOT join the European Union.

19.  What is the euro?

20.  List three reasons Europe has high crop yields.

21.  List three reasons Switzerland has a highly developed economy.

22.  List two countries that rely heavily on fishing.

23.  What country has large deposits of oil in the North Sea?

24.  What country makes polders in order to have more farmland?

25.  Why do Eastern European countries have a lower gdp per capita than Western European countries?

26.  What area is being destroyed by acid rain in Europe?

27.  List two countries that have a mixed economy in Europe.

28.  Industry in Italy is concentrated in the ____________ river valley.

29.  What is the site of London?

30.  What is the site of Paris?

31.  What is the site of Athens?

32.  What country in South America did Portugal colonize?

33.  What religion do most people follow in Europe?

34.  What is the name of a house with a steep roof in Switzerland?

35.  What country in Europe has many windmills?

36.  Why was there a conflict in Northern Ireland in the 1980s and 1990s?

37.  A genocide occurred in what country in Europe in the 1990s?

38.  What country in Europe first developed democracy?

39.  Which one of the following structures is most commonly found in Europe?  Pagodas, Yurts, Castles, or Haciendas?