Ashland Theological Seminary

Academic Calendar 2011-12


22             Main Campus New Student Orientation—Group A


SEPTEMBER TERM: September 12 to October 1*


8-9???   Faculty Retreat

12             Classes Begin

15             Last Day to Apply for Fall Quarter Graduation

17             Detroit New Student Orientation

20             Columbus New Student Orientation

26             Cleveland New Student Orientation

24             Main Campus New Student Orientation—Group B        

27             M.Div. Retreat—Tuesday Cohort Only


1              Last Day of September Term Classes

FALL QUARTER: October 3 to December 17


3              Classes Begin

3              Fall Convocation Chapel (9:30 a.m.)

10             Last Day for Add

17             Last Day for Drop

???           Fall Lecture Series

31-Nov. 5   Mid-term Exams



14             Online Registration opens for Winter

21-26        Thanksgiving Week—NO CLASSES

27             Online Registration closes for Winter

28             Paper Registrations accepted for Winter


5              Winter Quarter Registration Deadline

15             Last Day to Apply for Winter Quarter Graduation

17             Last Day of Fall Quarter Classes

December 18-January 2 

Christmas Break—NO CLASSES; offices


WINTER QUARTER: January 3 to March 12


3              Classes Begin

9              Last Day for Add

16             Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—NO CLASSES

17             Last Day for Drop

31-Feb. 6   Mid-Term Exams  



1              Graduation Application Begins for June 2012 Graduation            

13             Online Registration opens for Spring

26             Online Registration closes for Spring

27             Paper Registrations accepted for Spring

Last Day to Apply for June 2012 Graduation


5              Spring Quarter Registration Deadline

12             Last Day of Winter Quarter Classes

13-21        Spring Break—NO CLASSES

SPRING QUARTER: March 22 to June 4


22           Thursday Evening Classes Begin

29             Classes begin for Thursday

                Cohort of Midwest ???


2              Last Day for Add

5              Maundy Thursday—NO EVENING CLASSES

6-7            Good Friday and Saturday—NO CLASSES

9              Last day for Drop

23-28    Mid-Term Exams

30             Online Registration opens for Summer 



6              Online Registration closes for Summer


7              Paper Registrations accepted for Summer

15             Last Day to Apply for Summer Quarter Graduation

14             Summer Registration Deadline

14             Online Registration opens for Fall

28             Memorial Day—NO CLASSES

29             Paper Registrations accepted for Fall



2              COMMENCEMENT – 10:00 a.m.

4              Last Day of Spring Quarter Classes


August 30               Online Registration closes for Fall

                Fall Registration deadline

SUMMER SESSION: June 11 - August 25*


*Drop/Add deadline for summer and September Term classes will be the first day of any given class.