Social Media Lab - Elsevier WebApp Concept Design Competition


Application Name:

Application Category:

Scale:         1- Disagree 2-Neutral 3-Agree 4-Strongly Agree 5-Exceptional


Part 1: Application Design /20 pts


Originality /5 pts

Is the application a new idea? Does the application approach an old problem in a new way? Does the application use the tools available through SciVerse in an innovative way?

Suitability /5 pts

Does the application solve a real need? Does the application identify and suit the target end user?

Feasibility /5 pts

Can the application be reasonably developed by a single programmer? Has the designer considered possible implementation issues? Does the designer understand and work within the constraints of the SciVerse system?

Usability /5 pts

 Is the proposed interface clear and easy to use?  

Part 2: Presentation /10


Clarity /5 pts

Does the poster/presenter explain the application clearly? Could a programmer take the poster/presentation and develop the idea?


Understanding /5 pts

Does the presenter demonstrate a full understanding of their application? Can the presenter successfully field questions about the application?