Akvo Strategic Workshop 19-20August 2011

Location: @Villa Kakelbont - Stockholm, Sweden

(note that these notes by Frodo aren’t set in stone - this doc is the first time many of the presenters have seen them, so they may tweak the observations to reflect what they actually meant - Mark.)


Expectations (ALL)

Welcome (Jeroen - Akvo Board)

Update Akvo (Thomas - Co-director)

Update Software Development (Thomas - Engineering)

Update Partnership (Peter - partnering)

Update Communications (Mark)

Update Partner Text to Change (T2C) (Hajo)

Update Business Model (Peter/Frodo)


Customer Segments

Value Proposition

Customer Relationships

Customer Segments

Update Performance Dashboard (Stefan)

Performance Management (Thomas)

Sanitation Decision Support Tool (Mark)

Looking back DAY ONE


Akvo Foundation USA (Mark N.) – building an organization

Akvo Foundation USA (Becky)

Update Nailab Kenya (Sam)

Update Akvo India Hub (Sunita)