Adrian’s September 2011 mixtape

  1. Ted Leo & The Pharmicists Parallel or Together I just heard this song for the first time a couple months ago and it was on repeat for quite a while. Such a catchy song.
  2. Frightened Rabbit Fuck this Place (featuring Tracyanne Campbell) From a tour EP Frightened Rabbit put out, this song features Tracyanne Campbell from the fellow Glasgow, Scotland-based Camera Obscura. I love singing with a Scottish brogue and I love the slow build and tension in this song.
  3. Matt & Kim Block after Block Go do yourself a favor--look up Matt & Kim’s performance on Jimmy Fallon earlier this year. It blows their studio recording out of the water but after seeing that, you might see a bit better what makes this super high energy duo interesting.
  4. The Morning Benders Last Night Stereogum recently did another one of its track-by-track, anniversary covers album, this time for the first Strokes album. The Morning Benders turn in an interesting take on perhaps the Strokes’ most famous song.
  5. Tune-Yards My Country This album and this song are just strange. The album sometimes veers too far into the weird zone, but this song is just catchy, in an endearingly strange way.
  6. WHY? These Few Presidents Why?’s a strange band, but the dark, narrative lyrics draw me in from time to time. This song has a number of nice lyrical turns--in the chorus in particular.
  7. David Bazan Eating Paper From one dark songwriter to another... Bazan continues to release music almost 15 years after his first EP with Pedro the Lion. I love the steady piano and the drums under his voice in this song.
  8. Fanfarlo The Walls are Coming Down From a college radio live session, this song’s live version is perhaps even more compelling from the studio version.
  9. Bon Iver Holocene Bon Iver’s new album doesn’t reach the peaks of For Emma, Forever Ago, but it is really good and this is perhaps the highlight.
  10. Typhoon Summer Home Yet another band with a trillion members doing very earnest and orchestrated songs. Well, give them a chance. Good tunes.
  11. John Statz Tired of Telephones I was first introduced to Statz by Sandy of the Slowcoustic blog--the song was Statz’s lovely cover of Frightened Rabbits’ “Old Old Fashion”. I’ve been listening to some of his music since and this is a good example of his songwriting.
  12. The Wooden Birds Two Matchsticks I like the Wooden Birds and their rhythmic and sometimes droney pop. This is the title track of their latest.
  13. Fionn Regan For a Nightingale I love love loved Fionn’s debut album The End of History (it was my top album of 2006) but his sophomore album was a bit disappointing. When I heard this song on his third album, I knew he might be returning to form.
  14. Josh Ritter Good Man Just a nice tune from a great songsmith. My friend Natalie turned me on to this particular track.
  15. Strand of Oaks Ohio A great cover of one of my favorite Damien Jurado songs. It’s a bit more haunting than the original.
  16. The National Think You Can Wait I saw Win Win--which is a good film, by the way--a while ago and when I heard this song I knew immediately that I wanted to hear more of it. It turns out the National made it just for the film. Great track.
  17. Vandaveer Dig Down Deep I’d heard of and heard this band before but it took Heather from Fuel/ Friends’ nudging to take another listen to them. I’m glad I did because this song’s got quite a bit of charm to it.
  18. A Weather Giant Steps I really enjoyed the fragile pop of this band’s 2008 debut album, Cove, but I missed their followup, 2010’s Everyday Ballons, coming out. Until, at least, my local record store happened to have the vinyl version on sale. I’m glad I found it and was reminded of this band’s lovely sound.
  19. Explosions in the Sky Look Into the Air Confession: I’ve been watching quite a bit of Friday Night Lights lately. I was a bit fan of this band long before that show started, but it took one of the recently watched episodes to remind me of this fantastic song from their early album. It sounds quite unlike EitS in a lot of ways, but it’s still got their essence in it.