Project Question: How can we design and create a digital textbook that explains how the body systems work together to maintain homeostasis?

Project Goal: Create a digital textbook page that will be used to show how the systems in the human body work together to maintain homeostasis.

Project Completion Date: April 20th, 2012

Project Details

In order to understand how the systems work together, you will need to know a bit about the systems themselves. Your group will be creating a digital textbook page for one system. This page will become part of the class textbook that you will be allowed to use on the test.

Your page will include the following (This list will also be used to grade the project):

  1. The system name
  2. Labelled pictures of the system
  1. This picture should come from your pig dissections
  2. Each picture should be captioned
  1. Major parts of the system
  1. The names of parts
  2. The functions of those parts
  1. Major processes of the system
  1.  The names of the processes
  2. The roles of those processes in the body
  1. One example of your system working with another system in the body to maintain homeostasis. (ex. If my system is the respiratory system, I would show how the respiratory system works with the circulatory system)


At the end of this project, you will be using the textbook that was created to explain how certain systems of the body work together.

Group Roles for this project:

Leader: You are responsible for keeping the group on task and on schedule. You will report to Marc/Maria/Rehana about the status of your group as well as any problems. You will need to know what everyone is doing because if a group member is absent, you will be responsible for stepping in and filling that role.

Techie: You are responsible for taking all of the writing and art that the other members of your group create and getting it online. You will need to be familiar with Google Docs as well as importing photos and videos. You will create the layout the group wants on the computer.

Writer: You are responsible for overseeing all of the writing that will go on the page. This may be done by hand and typed into the computer, or typed on the computer and emailed to the techie to be put on your digital page. This job may be combined with the researcher if there are not enough group members.

Researcher: You are responsible for combing through the internet and books that we have in the room for the information that the writer will write about. You will work closely with the writer to create all of the text that will be used on your page.

Artist: You are responsible for all of the artwork that goes on the page. These pictures may be hand-drawn and photographed, or taken from the internet. Every picture must have a caption. You may also use pictures/video from your pig dissection to take the art to the next level.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if you are the artist, if the writer is absent you may have to do that role for the day. Everyone in the group should be familiar with what everyone else is doing in case someone is absent. This work must be done by the due date! Remember that these pages will be used to take the end of unit assessment, so class is depending on you to finish.