February 22, 2011

Members present:  LaVerne Mattocks, Rodney Trice, Bonita Joyce, Lalanii Sangode, Linda Boldin, Miriam Thompson, Paulette Bekolo, Lorie Clark, Mia Burroughs, Betsy Booth, Stephanie Knott, Neil Pedersen, Mary Bushnell, Graig Meyer, Leonard White, Barbara Jessie- Black, Natasha Bowen, Greg McElveen, Terri Robinson, Ife Sangode

Stephanie provided an overview of the agenda and the communications plan.  10,000 backpack and community flyers have been printed in color.  Some of these will be delivered to churches and community locations tomorrow with a cover letter and bulletin blurb.  A Connect-ED email went to high school parents today at 5 pm.  A press release was issued on the district’s homepage, and WCHL radio ran a story on the event on Monday morning.  The event remains on the district’s website as an alert.  The web content was sent to principals and PTAs for use in newsletters and e-blasts.  The agenda needs to be enhanced with some graphics and with the url for the website.

Neil said he would contact principals about working with social workers to recruit families to attend.  Betsy also agreed to share information with other social workers.

Betsy asked which bus route CHS is on and whether it runs on Saturday.  (It’s on the J. Route.  Here’s a link to the Chapel Hill Transit guide:

Mary suggested getting extra flyers to family specialists.  Bonita said she’d get information to public housing.  Neil added electronic messages to elementary and middle school families.

It was suggested that the flyer be translated into Spanish and that a translator be retained for March 12.    Miriam also suggested getting content in the Daily Independent, the Carrboro Citizen and on a WCHL public service announcement.

It was suggested we hold a Spanish break-out session and possibly pull staff from standards centers to support it.  It was requested that the standards website be translated into Spanish.

Greg asked whether volunteers might be in break-out rooms to translate for families.  Stephanie will follow up with Janet Davis-Castro, who had offered to help in this way.  It also was suggested that ESL families might go through the carousel as a group.

It was asked whether the agenda and supporting materials could be translated.

Lalanii said that families need to be given a hard copy of the steps in addition to the website.

Miriam asked for a one-page resource guide for parents.

Rodney stated that the standards would be on the agenda, the url would be on the agenda, and that families would go home with an action plan aligned to a standard.

Bonita asked how this would become an ongoing conversation with faculty members.  Neil noted that staff members need an awareness of the pathways.  Betsy stated that the website still needs to be rolled out to staff. Bonita said that staff members need to be prepared to meet families halfway.  Neil stated that most principals will attend and hear the message on March 12.

In reviewing progress for March 12, Neil stated that a registration period had been added at 8:30.  Stephanie said that we still need to get a title from Takiyah.  

Rodney reviewed progress on the website.  It includes welcome news/events, about the pathway, resources, questions, and contact pages.  He noted diversity in the use of photos.  He stated that UNC students identified many of the web resources and researched the content.  The new webpage will interface with the district’s facebook and twitter feeds.  It is hosted by bluehost.  The url is

Barbara asked about how questions would be processed.  Rodney said they would likely be routed to a core group of five administrators.  It was suggested that an FAQ page be added at a later date.  Rodney said it would be easy to add more pages.  

Stephanie reviewed the arrangements for performances, food, centers.  Stephanie reported that CHCCS staff members are confirmed to participate for the centers. Only three community groups are confirmed, however.  Committee members agreed to follow up with community organizations:

Barbara agreed to contact The Arts Center and the YMCA.  Graig agreed to contact the public libraries.  Betsy agreed to contact Communiversity.  Mary agreed to contact Grape Arbor.  Lorie agreed to contact CFNC, Hargraves and the two Parks and Rec Departments.  

Stephanie said she would forward to committee members the information that was emailed earlier to these community groups.  Stephanie and Neil would contact Steve Farmer.  Terri offered to contact Linda Convissor.  No one claimed the Planetarium.  Neil suggested that Priscilla could contact Shodor.  Neil said he would contact the North Carolina High School Athletic Association.  Stephanie suggested that Kathi Breweur might follow up with Futures 4 Kids.

Neil asked about community tutorial programs.  Lorie agreed to contact the Street Scene and Youth council.  Linda agreed to contact the Rogers Road Community Center.  

Graig delivered an update on his panel discussion.  He invited the three National Achievement Scholars.  He has invited a total of seven students and hopes to have four to five.

Rodney has comprised his panel of counselors, teachers, and students to offer different perspectives on African American Male achievement.

Terri and Theresa continue to work on getting in touch with parents for their panel.

Bonita and Lalanii shared an update on the NAACP parent forum.  They hope to have their next event in early April.  Their focus for the January forum was the black male dropout rate.  Communication was a key theme of conversation that day.  They did a great deal of outreach to public housing.  Lalanii asked whether Connect-ED could be used to promote community events.  She said that parents reported that there was not enough tutoring in specific subjects.  They discussed concerns and solutions and want to come back with something specific the school district can do.

Miriam said it was important to emphasize navigational and negotiation skills.  

We still need to reach Ms. Streater to let her know she is delivering the closing remarks at this event.

The group discussed logistics for the panels and centers.  It was suggested that the start of the panel discussions be delayed until 10:30 to give families time to do both activities.  

There was discussion about how to manage a evaluation form, the action plan form, and a questionnaire if follow-up is required.

Committee members volunteered for duties on March 12:

Ife volunteered to help with childcare.  Aliyah emailed and offered her help, so I have assigned her to help Ife.

Barbara Jessie-Black, Miriam, Lalanii and Mary volunteered to assist with registration.

Mia and three YLI students will assist with refreshments.

Laverne, Leonard and Natasha will serve as greeters.

Betsy, LaVerne, Paulette and Sylvia (who volunteered via email) will support panels and centers.