Disposable Men pack list for Video

Diagram #

Will Bring

Venue Space provides

Dashed blue lines

3 VGA Cables (50 - 100ft each)

(male to male cables)  Length depends on venue and booth position.

Two Projectors are roughly center stage above second row of house.

and one is as far into the upstage right corner as possible.

dotted blue lines

4 Component video cables (50 - 100ft each)

Length depends on venue and booth position.

#9 #10 #12

3 small TVs with component input

not included

Multiple power strips and extension cords

Equipment (TVs, projectors, computers, cameras) will be located at 8 locations and power strips or other multi-outlet power sources are needed at 6 of those locations, including Many "wall wart" power supplies.


Cylinder screen


4 8foot aluminum parts



Fabric screen


1 Tower PC,

     power cable

     DVI-VGA adaptor

USB Keyboard

USB Mouse

XGA (1024x768) or hirer res computer monitor


Matrox Triple head 2 go

     power cube

     short VGA cable


Scan Converter

     USB power cable

     VGA input / loop-through cable

Not included in drawing

Radio Shack DA

    Power cube

    short composite cable  (Just a spare)


Tablet PC

    Power cube

    Wifi Card

    Video capture card

         input dongle for card


Mobile-Pre audio interface

    USB cable


cyl screen Projector

    Power cable

    Remote Control (SVGA or better, 2000 lumen or better)


Projector Mount plate

    plywood, 4 bolts (if using HERE projector)

projector Mount

venue provides and 18" or longer side arm for mount. (if using HERE projector)


Media Beam Projector

    Power cable

    Remote Control


Media Beam Mount

    2 pieces plywood,

    2 bolts for projector

    right angle supports (2 wood 2 L-brace, screws)

    2 strip hangers, to screw to vertical part of mount and attach C-clamp to.  One to use to connect the I-Cue to the 2x3 board.

   Cat5 cable

theatrical C clamp / strip hanger with clamp?


I-cue mirror

    DMX power cube


       Lanbox power cube

Cat 5 ethernet cable,

5pin DMX cable

4pin DMX/Scroller Cable

between Booth and I-Cue/powersupply/lanbox


7.5x10 screen (or 9x12 depending on venue size)


Example throw distances.

.8 lens 7.5x10 throw = 8ft

.8 lens 9x12 throw = 10ft

1.2 lens 7.5x10 throw = 12ft

1.2 lens 9x12 throw = 15ft

1.6 lens 7.5x10 throw = 16ft

1.6 lens 9x12 throw = 20ft 

Projector and mount for 7.5x10 screen

(SVGA or better, 2000 lumen or better)


Audience feedback video camera (Sony)

    Power cube

    Remote control


theatrical C clamp for mount

Not included

Wifi Router

    Power Cube

    short cat5 cable


Servo turntable for Audience Nigger

    USB cable for power

    Cat5 for control

    Includes servo motor and Make controller on rotating platform to hold Tablet PC.


Camcorder for James live feed to Audience Nigger

    Power cube

    Composite output cable

        (svid -> RCA W/ RCA barrel)

Tripod that reaches at least 5.5 ft height


Scan converter, (for backstage confidence monitor)

    Power cube

    VGA input / loop-through cable

Extra adapters



BNC barrel X1

RCA barrel X1

VGA F-F turnaround X1

Short Composite Cable X2

Not included in drawing

 not needed in all locations

(4) right angle cheeseboroghs

(1) 3 foot pipe

(2) 6 foot schedule 40 pipe

NOTE: Equipment with the same # is directly associated and connected by short cables, included in the pack description above.

NOTE: Signal cable from Tower to Media Beam includes all three of these cable types Cat5, 5pin DMX or 4pin DMX, any one of them can be the long 50' cable depending on where you put the LanBox and Power Supply for the I-cue.


NOTE: Scan converter #14 on diagram can be replaced with a cable run from booth to TV 9, or a cable run from TV 12 - TV 9 in either case using the DA mentioned above.

NOTE: Two of the TV's #9 and #12 can be replaced by VGA computer monitors and two vga cables replace 2 composite cables in some circumstances.  (may require a VGA da, or projector with VGA loop-through.

current High level wiring diagram, with some indication of spacial placement of devices.

NOTE: Power cable is not included in the diagram

Included below is a more detailed diagram of connections.

This diagram indicates the type of cable used, in more detail particularly for the Media Beam.

This diagram should clarify how the control cable for the I-cue could be Cat5, 5pin DMX or 4pin DMX depending on where you want to place the lanbox and power supply both of which are very small and easy to hang with the I-cue.   It also includes the Ethernet Router used to communicate between the tower and lanbox over cat5 and wireless to the Audience Nigger computer wireless via Wifi

a male cable end at the DMX source and female cable end at the DMX device For both the 4pin and 5pin cables. So the female 4pin cable end at the I-cue

This diagram also spells out the connections to the Matrox, specifying which output Left, center, right goes to each projector.

You will note the DVI->VGA adaptor coming out of the video card on the tower.

It also indicates the use of the special VGA pass-through cable for the scan converters.  The scan converter may have a black cable (with an obviously pass-through adapter) or a Y cable one red end that attaches to the scan converter and two blue ends that are the VGA in and out cables.

NOTE: Power cable is not included in the diagram

The audience nigger tablet #11 in my list and diagrams is not included in this wiring diagram.

But is included on the previous diagram, which covers it's connection.

It needs Power, and connects via a RCA composite video cable to the back stage Camera #8.

As noted it connects via WiFi to the control system in the booth, but no cable is needed unless a WiFi signal is somehow non dependable in the space, in which case a Cat5 Ethernet cable can be used.