J. Trenton Jones


Professor Stephen Yang

Verbal Transcript of the Lab

(To the whole class)


Alrighty. Everyone bring it in on the black line here.

Everyone look at me.

Alrighty so did anyone do anything exciting over the weekend.


Watch the Superbowl

(To Whole Class)

Yea Superbowl. Did any of you guys watch those big linemen?

They have a nice athletic stance and what they do when they block is (gesture) like this.

This is kinda like Volleyball. What we’ve been doing in class.

Alright so everyone in an athletic stance about shoulder width apart.

Everyone get down into your best football blocking stance, just like this (gesture)

Alrighty everyone bring your hands together like this (gesture). Now bring it up (gesture) this is your window for setting.

Alright, everyone see that?

So with the volleyball I want you guys to toss it up in the air and set it, just like that.

So when I say go I want you to grab a volleyball in your own personal space, freeze, look at me wait for my instruction.

I want you all to toss it up in the air and set it.

And I want you guys to keep count of it and see how many you can get.

Alright so do you guys understand? Josh, what are we doing?


Get a ball go in our own space and freeze awaiting instructions

(To Whole Class)

Very good, Very good. Grab a volleyball

On this isde of the gymnasium please

Alright everyone looking at me so I know you’re paying attention.

Ok begin

(To Dave)

Bend your knees, about shoulder width apart

(To Class)

Alright everyone freeze, hold your balls

Look at me.

(To Andrew)

Do you mind showing them what you are doing?

(To Whole Class)

Alright everyone look at Andrew.

Under control doing a nice job.

Now remember I saw a lot of people of balance.

Remember Knees bent and a nice square stance.

Everyone go.

Alright everyone freeze.

Hurry, on the black line. 5-4-3-2….ok good.

Alrighty, good job.

You two partners(5X)

(To Gino)

Thank you

(To Whole Class)

Roll your balls here.

Scootch down here.

One partner on this blue line, one partner on this blue line.

Bring it down. I want you guys to make a line going that way (gesture) so start here.

So with your partner facing them you are gonna set it to each other to the en..red line

(To Danielle)

Set it to me

(To Whole Class)

(Example) to here.

I want you guys to get a good side step (gesture).

Ready go.

Try to keep it under control.

High up, high up.