Tuesday, February 7, 2012


@ Ellen's home

Meeting called to order by Ellen Wagner at 7:40pm.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.

Minutes submitted by Craig Reynolds, Secretary


Ellen Wagner, President

Melanie Miller, Past President

Mary Odell, Treasurer

Craig Reynolds, Secretary

Kate Berman, At Large

Harry Holsinger, At Large

A quorum (at least 4) was present.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting, which took place on January 10, 2012, having been electronically disseminated to the Board members, were approved.

Treasurer's Report

The balance in the treasury is unchanged from last month, when it was $1260.37.

Acting Treasurer

Mary expects to be unavailable as Treasurer during the summer. Harry agreed to act as Treasurer. Mary will add Harry as a joint signatory on MJNA’s bank account.

Little High Street (neighborhood and old MJH area)

The City’s Comprehensive Plan is being updated. This is a good opportunity for the neighborhood to be heard on what we would like to see happen along Little High Street and the old MJH area. We want to have one or more neighborhood meetings, possibly with other stakeholders and the City. Ellen will find out the timetable for the Comprehensive Plan.

Neighborhood Meeting with City Council and MJNA Spring Picnic

The Charlottesville City Council is interested in holding informal meetings in the neighborhoods. We decided to invite City Council to our Spring picnic this year. The picnic will be on a Sunday in May, on a date when City Council can come. Ellen will contact City Council to arrange a date. If City Council is unable to come on a Sunday in May we will schedule the picnic for May 13 and invite City Council to our Fall picnic. We did not decide on a place to hold the picnic but named Taylor’s Walk as one possible site.


The Communications Committee (Craig and Mary) will put out a newsletter before the Spring Picnic. The committee needs help with items for the newsletter.

Easter Egg Hunt

We decided to hold the Easter Egg Hunt on April 7, the day before Easter Sunday. Ellen will ask Kristin if she is willing to organize the Easter Egg Hunt again this year.


Harry reports a neighbor was the victim of scam. A pair of men gained entry to a house by posing as contractors and one pocketed items of value while the other distracted the homeowner. Craig will post a notice to the website to beware of this scam.


Ellen has asked the traffic engineer, Jeannie Alexander, for a recount of southbound traffic north of the 250 bridge on Locust in the expectation that a recount will bring us over the City’s threshold for an interactive speed sign.

City Manager’s Meeting

Ellen reported the City has posted a new list of sidewalk construction projects. The snow enforcement rules have changed. Ellen will send Craig a pointer to the snow rules for Craig to post on the MJNA website.