Ingredients :

2-300g Basmati rice, cooked and cooled

2 eggs, lightly whipped

salt & pepper

3 individual knobs of butter

1 tbsp rapeseed or vegetable oil

2 skinless, boneless chicken breasts, cut thinly on the diagonal

a bunch (6 or 7) of spring onions , cleaned and chopped

a medium hot red chilli, stalk removed and chopped - seeds are optional

2 fat cloves of garlic, grated

2 thumb-sized pieces of ginger, grated

4 chestnut mushrooms, cleaned and sliced

a handful of frozen peas

fresh coriander, chopped, to taste

3 heaped tsp of red Thai curry paste

3 tbsp dark soy sauce

2 tbsp fish sauce

1-2 tbsp mirrin (Japanese Rice Wine)

300g cooked and peeled prawns, drained but not rinsed.

Method :

1.  Cook the basmati rice according to the instructions on the packet, but stop the cooking a fraction before it is done, leaving a slight bite in the rice.  Drain it well and spread it out onto a plate (or two) to cool.  Fork the rice over from time to time to keep it fluffy.  Don't use a spoon, as this will encourage the grains to break and clump together.

2.  Empty the prawns into a colander and leave to drain.


3.  Using a deep frying pan or wok, melt one of the knobs of butter and add half the seasoned egg mixture.  Roll the pan to spread the egg out thinly and cook to form a thin omelette, then reserve to keep warm whilst you cook a second omelette.  Reserve to keep warm, on top of the first.

4.  Melt the butter with the oil until really quite hot and add the chicken.  Fry until the chicken is almost cooked through and has gained some golden colour.


5.  Add the spring onions and chilli.  Stir and fry until softened - around 4-5 mins or so.


6.  Add the ginger and garlic and continue to stir and fry for another 1-2 minutes, taking care not to let it stick to the bottom of the pan.  Add the mushrooms and continue to fry until the mushrooms have gained some colour and softened a little.

7.  Add the Thai curry paste.  Stir well and cook for some 4-5 mins.

8.  Add the soy sauce, fish sauce and mirrin and reduce the heat to prevent it burning.  Continue to cook until a sticky and thick consistency has been achieved.

9.  Add the frozen peas and stir until they have defrosted and softened slightly.


10.  Add the rice and toss regularly to prevent it sticking. 

11.  Add the prawns and stir to combine.  You'll need to increase the heat slightly to make sure that the rice and prawns heat through properly.

12.  Take the two omelettes, roll and cut into strips.  Once everything is heated through and piping hot, add the coriander and omelette strips and stir through.

Serve at once.