What’s an  iTagsale™?

Old school definition: a tag sale is an estate, personal property liquidation, or down-sizing sale where items are tagged/priced and displayed in a house. The word estate should only be used for the property of someone who is deceased.

An iTagsale™ is a hybrid. Our tag sales may include flash auctions (spur of the moment auctions interspersed over the course of the sales period with notification by social media or email about an hour before the sale) and/or a one hour auction the last hour of the sale on the last day. If an auction takes place the last hour of the sale, it is not determined until the third day of the sale. All items in all auctions are sold ABSOLUTE (regardless of price and to the highest bidder) unless noted in the auctioneer’s opening announcements. Terms and conditions of sale can be found by clicking HERE.

iTagsale™ Procedure: 

The sale lasts three days and often starts on Friday and runs through Sunday. Sale hours vary on the amount of items to be sold. Typically the hours are 10-5 on Friday, 8-3 on Saturday, and 11-4 on Sunday. We open the door to everyone in line at the same time so there is no staggered admittance. Knowledgble staff will be in every room to help you with your purchases. We’ll have runners about who can take your items to checkout so that you may continue shopping without having to hold everything.

Day One: Prices are at 100% of what is marked on the tag. The advantage of buying on Day One is that you get first choice of the best items. We price our seller’s property to move. Expect good deals even on Day One. No negotiation is done on Day One because you’re getting first dibs.

Day Two: Prices reduced to 25% off. This is the longest day of the sale and prices are somewhat negotiable after noon.

Day Three: Prices reduced to 50% off the original price. Day Three is the day iTagsale™ is working extra hard to make sure all the seller’s property is SOLD. We’ll be haggling hard on some items and possibly bringing others to the auction block to sell ABSOLUTE.

Payment: We accept cash, good checks and major credit cards.

Notification on upcoming sales: Click on any of the links to social media below and join our pages. We’ll post regularly on sales in development and sales in progress.