Translation of El Anarquismo y la Revolución Española by Helmut Wagner, available here.

  1. The heroic struggle of the Spanish workers is a milestone in the development of the movement of the international proletariat.  Simultaneously, the struggle puts an end to the uninterrupted course of the victory of fascism and begins a new period of the growing class war.  But this is not the only reason the Spanish Civil War carries great importance for the proletariat.  Its significance lies in the fact that it puts forth a proof for the theories and tactics of Anarchism and Anarcho-Syndicalism.
  2. Spain has always been the land of Anarchism.  The enormous influence that anarchist ideas have obtained can only be understood in relation to the peculiar class structure of the country.  The theory of Proudhon of individual and independent artisans, and the application of that theory by Bakunin to the factories, found broad support by the small peasants and the workers of the countryside and the cities.  The broad sections of the Spanish proletariat embracing the Anarchist idea and the acceptance of these ideas was the cause of the spontaneous stand of the workers against the fascist uprising.