(To Everyone):  Alright everyone, if you could come over here that’d be great.  

Come here real quick.

(To Myself): Got Ben.

(To Everyone):  Alright, my name’s Andrew Snide and I’m gonna be your instructor today.

When you hear my voice please be quiet and listen for instruction or anything that’s going on.  

Um, now who here has a uh, facebook?

Raise of hands who has a facebook.

Alright does anyone here know what facebook creeping is?

You use the term facebook creeping, who know’s what it is?

(To Kayla):  What is it?

(Kayla):  Uh, you kinda stalk other people.

(To everyone):  You stalk, you’re stalkin people on their pictures.  

Today we’re gonna be uh, Frisbee creeping.  

We’re gonna be following the crisbee, Frisbee, you know, chasing it around.

Alright, now our first drill today, we’re gonna have three people here, three pep…actually we’re gonna have four people here, three people down there cuz we have 14.  

So, um, what we’re gonna do is you take it, you pass it down, you’re gonna follow your Frisbee.  

Next person, you’re gonna take it, pass it back.  

You’re gonna be following you’re passes the whole time.  

Alright?  That’s gonna be the first drill we do today.

Second drill we’re gonna do short, short, long.  

We’re gonna have three people here, three people down there, and one person in the middle.  

You’re gonna do one short pass, the person catches the uh, Frisbee, another short pass, person down here throws it all the way down.

You’re gonna just keep following your Frisbee, alright?

We’re gonna have a person at each place at all times, you gotta hustle though to make sure, you know you’re there when the uh, pass is coming.  

Alright, um can I get uh, TJ, you wanna go down there, um, we’re just gonna, ya here, we’re gonna do a quick demonstration here, of the first one.

(To Ryan): Uhh, you wanna come with me here?

(To everyone):  Now all I’m gonna do, is you’re gonna throw it down there

I’m gonna follow my pass, he’s gonna throw it back, and follow his pass.  

There’s gonna be more people, you won’t have to hustle as hard.

(Recorder fell out here so it may not be completely accurate)

(To everyone): But, we’re gonna use all sorts of passes, backhand, forehand, tomahawk, all of them alright.

Now, if we could split up into groups of uh, seven.

We got two here, 3,4,5,6,7, you guys on this one, we’re not gonna have anyone uh, on this yet.  

(To TJ):  Nope on this one

(To everyone): 2 there, 4 down there.  

Same thing here, middle one, far end one.  

Remember to move.

Couple more down there.

Alright, now just throw and be following your passes.  

All different kinds of throws.

Make sure you’re moving around.  

Don’t stay in the same spot.

Make a little cut maybe here and there, little bit to the side.

Be careful of the flying frisbee’s alright.  

(To Nick): Here try the tomahawk on this one

There you go, good job.

(To Rob): Rob try the tomahawk.

That’s alright.

(To everyone):

Alright, if everyone would stop.

(To TJ): Now, TJ, come back here, you stay in this circle.

(To Ryan, Anthony, Kevin): you three go down there.  

(To Kayla and Rob): Let’s see, you two, go to that blue Hula Hoop.

(To Jen): You stay there.

(To everyone):  Alright, now what we’re gonna do now, stay there Jen, I’m gonna pass to Jen right here.

OK?  I follow my pass.

Jen is gonna pass it to Lauren.

(To Jen): Pass it to Lauren, follow your pass.

(To Lauren): Now Lauren, you’re passing it all the way back to rob now.  

(To everyone):  And then same thing, remember following…

(To Lauren):  Huh? Yup you’re always following your pass.

Rob, or Greg.

Alright, you guys get that?

Any questions?

Alright, let’s try it.

Remember follow your pass, hustle.  

Go ahead.

Try different passing too.

Person in the middle needs to watch out for uh long passes, they’re gonna be comin right over your head so pay attention, don’t be caught day dreaming.  

(To Greg): Nope, Greg, you go to the middle.

(To everyone):  Alright, hold the Frisbees.

Let’s see how many passes we can get in a minute.

Consecutive passes, it’s gotta be all in a row, you drop one you start counting over again. Alright?

On your mark, get set, go.

Count em’ out loud too.

(To far group):  You gotta start over

(To near group):  Oh you guys start over too.

(To everyone):  We’re only gonna do 30 seconds instead.

Make sure you’re using different passes too.


Alright guys, let’s bring it in here.

Hustle in.

(To one group): How many passes did your group get?

(Group): 5

(To the other group): How many did you get?

(Group): 5

(To everyone): 5 alright so you’re both winners then.

We don’t have to worry about that.

Um, huh?

Alright guys, um, today how, what kind of uh passes did we work on, Ryan.

(Ryan):  Backhand

(To everyone): Backhand, tomahawk, forehand.

Alright, um, thanks guys, see you next class.