sleep/ dream/ coma

No critical thinking, no control of the mind.

 (Lucid Dream)---->(possible conscious direction)

“Passive Observation”

Conscious thought

No critical thinking, no particular attention or engagement.

(Could apply to one’s state of mind during purely physical activities.)

“Critical Observation” --

critical thinking

 “I am focused on...”  “I am attentive to...”  THIS, not that.

Person connects to ONE SUBJECT.

PROCESS: selection between alternatives/ person freely develops & uses a learned method of making choices

“sorting and packaging”

Memorization that leads to mastering the “right answer”

“Bullshit Detector”

Intelligence/ “smartness”

Fast Thinking

Problem Solving (involving multiple steps, phases, layers, considerations)

Person is connecting MULTIPLE SUBJECTS.

SELF/PERSONAL:  Imagination, Creativity

(Lucid Dream)

(Hypnosis--using one’s conscious or hypnagogic state to affect one’s behavior)

Gladwell’s Blink-- Using our Intuition

Attuned to Personal Choice + Reflection

Discovering a Passion, following a Pleasure, feeling a particular path of learning as one’s “Second Nature”


Repeated Experimentation, Contribution(s) to One’s Field

Person’s PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE affects our GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (the broadest possible personal connection).

GENIUS -- “the full use of your powers, along lines of excellence” --John F. Kennedy, quoting “the Greeks’ definition of happiness.”