How to Access Shared Storage

SPS staff have file space on a district server called File 2. To access your server, select the Finder’s GO menu, and click Connect to Server (click on the desktop to access the Finder’s menu bar).

Next, enter the server address “smb://file2/” and click on Connect.

A dialog box requesting your district username and password is displayed next. Enter the appropriate information and click Connect

The next dialog box will list the available volumes on the servers. Select the server “staffhome” and click OK

Copying files:

If you have trouble with copying (file name problems or illegal characters) make an archive (a zip file) of the folder you want to move by doing the following:

  1. click once on the folder to copy
  2. Select File/Compress [your folder] (some Macs will say "Archive [your folder]")
  3. This creates a new file with a ".zip" ending
  4. Copy that to your File2 storage.