Creating a New Survey

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Creating a New Survey

Survey Question Settings

Surveys are ungraded tests and they can be used to poll student opinion. Survey results are anonymous, but you can see whether a student has completed a survey and view aggregate results for each survey question. Survey creation (and deployment) is almost identical to test creation, except for:

  • Survey creation settings do not include options for assigning scoring defaults because survey questions are not graded.

  • When questions are added, you do not specify which answers are correct.

  • Random blocks of questions cannot be added to surveys.

Creating a New Survey

  1. Click the Course Tools link of the Control Panel.

  1. Click Tests, Surveys, and Pools on the expanded menu.

  1. Click the Surveys link on the Tests, Surveys, and Pools page.

  1. Click the Build Survey button to begin creating the test.

  1. On the Survey Information page, enter the survey name, provide a description and instructions for students.
  • Survey Name: This is a required field. The name is the title text that appears in the course content area. Use a descriptive name to help students identify the survey.
  • Survey Description: The description is visible to students before they click on the link to take the survey. This is a good place to explain survey settings/options that affect students such as whether the survey must be completed in one sitting, whether the survey can be taken more than once, and other information important to students before they take the survey.
  • Survey Instructions: Instructions appear when the survey is launched. Survey settings always appear under the instructions when a student launches the survey, but at that time, the survey has already begun.

Once satisfied, click Submit to continue.  Once the Survey Information is submitted, the Survey Canvas will open. Use the Survey Canvas to build the survey.

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Survey Question Settings

  1. On the Survey Canvas page, click the Question Settings button.


  1. This allows you to designate default options to apply to all questions within the survey, such as randomization and the ability to add images, files, and links to questions and answer choices.

  1. Once all options are set, click the Submit button to return to the Survey Canvas.

  1. Click the Create Question button, then choose a question type from the drop-menu.

  1. Provide the information required for the question type you are adding. When finished, click the Submit button to return to the survey canvas.

  1. Repeat the Create Question process to continue adding questions to the survey.

  1. To edit or delete a question from the survey, click the question’s Options button and choose the appropriate action from the drop-menu. You can also use this menu to add a question directly above or below the selected question.

  1. Once all questions have been added, click the OK button at the bottom of the page to return to the Surveys page. Your survey will now be listed. The survey has now been created, but is not yet linked to a Content Area. The survey must be deployed and made available before students have access.

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