capo +2 across bottom 4 strings

chords written are fingerings in std tuning - Dsus is F#ADA-- and Bm/A is Am+2

can also use capo+2 and a D instead of a Dsus


*Once we had a *summer of *love, (Em CM7  Em Dsus)

*Once we had *summer (Em CM7 Em Dsus)

[repeat 2x]


Once we had a summer of love .. nothing to do .. (Em G Am / Em G Am)

place of our own .. no questions but you (Em G Bm/A Am)

Once we didn’t need to unwind ... we didn’t need to relax

.. I didn’t waste any time … want to look back

Once I saw you dance in the rain … roll in the the grass

… You didn’t feel any pain … I didn’t sing of the past

...pretty good deal.. pretty fun time

.. I thought I knew what was real  ... I thought you’d always be mine

© William W. Cohen 2015