The Rules

 Note: You must read the new guidelines which explain how we expect you  to play.

0. You may only attempt to apply twice, after that if you were to ever attempt again it should be in the distant future, and we would expect you to have improved by then... if not do not attempt any further.

1. No Griefing, harassing, or unnecessary destruction/harm.

A.Stealing is no longer permitted. Specific areas however may be subject to different rules.

2. Do not wander from your locations. There are plenty of areas to explore but you should remain within relatively close distance to the city. Searching for secrets or traveling very far is not permitted unless otherwise stated.

3. You may not build a nether portal, end portal, or anything of the sort. These things have significance in the world and can not just be placed anywhere.

4. Large projects such a forts, castles, and the like must be okayed before beginning. Use your judgment on what is right, a home can still be large. We will have build days for large structures the city has purchased, allowing everyone to work on it together.

A. Keep within the Fantasy Medieval setting. Some straying is fine even in character creation, magical science and steam punk often work fine. We should not however see things like space ships and modern day sky scrappers.

B. Monster Traps and item Farming Devices are pointless in our server and look bad, we would appreciate you not making them, Monster Traps especially as we do not have monsters on.

5. Do not use commands you are not meant to. If you can access them somehow simply do not do it and tell a mod or admin you have access to it.

6. When speaking out of character use team speak or \\. ((Again Teamspeak is Ip: Port: 9329))

7. 2 strikes and your out, however certain things like greifing may be grounds for immediately banning.

8. Never ask admin for spawning of items, this will award you with one warning.

A. Do not harass admin, mods, or anyone in general. Everyone has things they are working on and doing, but constant bother slows down progress. If your question is genuinely important please ask or tell mods what your concern is.

9. If you are going to be absent please let us know. Otherwise if you are gone for an extended period of time you will likely be removed. This will count against you if you do in fact come back later.

The Guidelines

-You will be given tools and items that match and make sense for your character. You will also be given materials to build your first and modest home.

-We will be using the iconomy system for money. Players will go to the shop and purchase what they want and get paid for jobs. Collecting things is allowed but in reason. An average person does not run off into the forest to chop trees and mine minerals.

-You must buy items, you can not gain materials (save those within reason, such as finding a mushroom in the forest) otherwise.

-You will have to get your buildings okay-ed before building as they have to fit the theme and be built in the correct place. A home in the residential area, a shop in the market, and a farm in the farm land.

-Diamond and Gold are off limits and must be obtained through quests, events, or otherwise. Gold represent exotic items that rarely have abilities to them. Diamond represents magical or powerful items. The items will have their ‘stats’ listed elsewhere to take a look at.

-Stat sheets will be recommended and sometimes required for quests or maybe even events. When finished you will find the sheet and rules in another document listed here.

-A mine in your home is absolutely not allowed. Mines will be outside of the city, built properly, and you will not keep anything  from them. The materials gathered go to a storehouse.

-Your first home is free, materials given to you at the start. However to build anything more you will have to purchase the plot and bulk materials.

-Tools, weapons, armor, and so on must be bought unless you are capable of making them. This means as well that iron should be the most common and expected material with gold being more for higher ups and diamond very special.

-It must be stressed that this is role playing, it may be Minecraft, but we are not going to have everyone making tunnels for rare things everywhere, you have to earn it through role play and interaction. Think of it like a real city in any open world sort of game, you buy from the shop, sleep at the inn, talk to the people and earn your place in the world. You don’t dig up your backyard, find diamond, get super awesome armor and weapons, and then build the largest house castle the world has seen.

-Guilds- can be made if admins agree upon it. Guilds group people together with similar interest and allow for a sort of minor base. For example a merchant guild, merc, and so on. Its a hub for people who are similar to join up.

-Upgrading- Each city will grow over time. As it grows various upgrades and building types will be available, such as making the wall all wood and then to stone and so on. To get these upgrades or new building types however money, resources, and conditions must be made. Conditions may be a population number, winning an event, or so on.