Creating a Network in your Classroom

With a full set of Netbooks in your classroom, it is imperative you are utilizing them the way they are intended.  Try the following tasks to help set up your classroom network and practice different ways you and your students can interact.  

1.  Setting up your classroom network

a.  Click “Windows” and select “All Programs”

b.  Select “SDCS Application”

c.  Select “Classroom”

d.  Click “LAN School Channel Selection Tool”

e.  Select School

f.  Select Classroom Number

g.  Continue through the next two steps

h.  Select the LAN School icon on the bottom right of your screen (

i.  Have all your students log onto their computers and they will all appear in your LAN   School Program.  You’re ready to go!  

2.  Send all of your students to a website

a.  Type “Control A” to select all student computers.  (They will turn blue.)

b.  Click “Run” button at the top of your computer.  

c.  Type in the webpage address you wish to send them to

d.  Click “ok”

3.  Send a message to an individual student and have them respond

a.  Go to “all computers”

b.  Select the student’s computer who you want to message

c.  Click “Message” at the top of your screen

d.  Select “Chat” and type in your message "

e.   Press "Send"

f.  The message will appear on the student's computer.  Wait for them to message you back

4.  Have students respond to a multiple choice question

a.  Click "Vote" at the top of the screen

b.  Type in the question you'd like your students to answer

c.  Type in the the multiple choice answers in the same box as the question

d.  Press "Send”

e.  Wait for your students to respond

f.  Click "Details" to see individual responses