Students holding leadership positions are expected to be exemplary leaders in all areas of their lives, both in and out of school for the entire year (365 days). School leaders will be evaluated periodically by their respective advisers and the administration according to the following criteria and shall not be allowed to serve unless the following standards are met:



Student leaders shall maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 (Simple/Unweighted). In the event that a GPA falls below 2.5, the student leader shall be removed from office for a minimum of one marking period and until his/her GPA reaches the 2.5 standard set for all class leaders. If a school leader receives an "F", that leader shall forfeit the office for the remainder of the school year. Any leader found guilty of plagiarism/cheating shall be removed from office for the remainder of the year.


Alcohol/Other Drugs:

School leaders pledge to refrain from using alcohol and other illegal drugs in and out of school for the entire year (365 days). School leaders agree to the following:


  1. Attendance at parties or other gatherings, excluding family gatherings, where alcohol is being consumed is strictly prohibited as is the use, possession, and transfer of alcohol or other drugs.


Failure to adhere to this pledge shall result, following an investigation, in the immediate removal from office for the remainder of the school year or the following school year if the incident occurs during the summer months.


  1. If a school leader inadvertently finds him/herself at a gathering where alcohol and other illegal drugs are being used, the officer shall immediately leave the gathering and report his/her attendance at the gathering to the appropriate adviser on the next school day. If the adviser is not available, the student shall report the incident to a school administrator.


Failure to report the incident, as required, shall result in immediate suspension from office, pending an investigation and determination of further disciplinary action.


Personal Behavior:

Any school leader shall be removed from office for the remainder of the school year or the following school year, if the incident occurs during the summer months, for reasons, which include, but are not limited to the following


School leaders are held to a higher standard of behavior than students who are not serving in positions of leadership.



School leaders are expected to be behavioral role models for fellow students. Any school leader's behavior, either in or outside of school, that might give other students a justification for their own inappropriate behavior, may be removed from office.



All school leaders shall be expected to fulfill their responsibilities with a willing and cooperative attitude. Any school leader, who in the judgment of the adviser is not meeting his/her responsibilities, may, after an initial verbal warning, be removed from office.


Serving in a peer leadership role is a serious responsibility. All students who seek such positions shall be expected to treat their responsibilities as an opportunity to serve - not an opportunity for individual glorification.


Appeal Procedure:

Any appeal of disciplinary action shall first be made to the adviser. Only disciplinary actions, which result in removal from office or membership for the remainder of the school year, may be appealed to the Student Activities Council.


All other disciplinary actions are the sole responsibility of the adviser.


The Student Activities Council is comprised of the following:


Guidelines for the appeal process shall be provided to the student and/or parent upon request.



Curriculum and Instruction: 09/17/01

First Reading Coordination: 10/10/01

Second Reading and Approval: 11/13/01

Replaced with 116.1: Expectations for Students in Athletics, Extracurricular, and Co-Curricular Activities on 5/26/15