Thank you for being an early user of yerdle.  We’re thankful for your willingness to join us on this journey while we’re still sharpening our tools. Your feedback is absolutely essential.  Drop us a line with ideas, stories, bugs, or photos at: hello@yerdle.com.

What is yerdle?

yerdle helps you give and get the things you need with your friends.

It’s simple. Start by posting a few things that you’d be willing to give to your friends. Then try asking for something that you’re seeking. Your friends want to help you; yerdle makes it easy to ask.

I’m having trouble logging on. What’s going on?

First, check to see that you’re logged in to Facebook. We rely on Facebook for user authentication.

We also ensure the quality of the site by maintaining a minimum threshold for item density.  That means that if you don’t have enough friends on yerdle, you might not be able to get on.  If you can’t get on, try inviting some of your Facebook friends. That typically gets your item count to an acceptable level.

Finally, we’re not supporting Internet Explorer for now. So try using Firefox, Safari or Chrome Browsers to access the site. Thanks for your patience with us as we work out the kinks. Drop us an e-mail at hello@yerdle.com if you’re still having problems.

Who pays for shipping?

Generally the person who is getting the item covers any cost of transport. In the next few months we’ll be adding new delivery features including low-cost local delivery and pre-paid mailers to send items to faraway lands.

Do I have to give my item to the first person who requests it?

Nope! Don't feel an obligation to give it to the first person who requests it.  

Is this just for giving stuff away or also for loaning things?

It’s for both. When you post your items, you can check the box that says “Want it Back” if it’s an item that you’re loaning out. If you don’t check the box, that means your friend can keep it.

What does the name yerdle mean?

yerdle (proper noun & verb): to get the things you need from your friends.

Who has access to my sharing information?

We value your privacy and strive to collect as little information as possible from you in order to help connect you to the items you’re seeking. We believe that you should choose how much information you wish to share. Some people choose to share the items they have available only to their closest friends. Others are willing to share with anyone. We won’t post on your Facebook wall without your permission.

What stuff should I not share?

Don’t share husbands.

What else should I not share?

Don’t share anything that would devastate you if it were lost or broken. Remember, you will choose who gets to use your stuff, and you never have to give anything away.  

And remember, don’t give anything away that has the potential to be hazardous or dangerous in any way. It’s your responsibility to follow all applicable laws.

Do you have an iPhone App?

Why yes we do. Download it in the App Store or go to www.yerdle.com/mobile

How can I get in contact with you?

Send us an e-mail at hello@yerdle.com.  There’s also a little orange tab on the right hand side of the website where you can share your feedback with us publicly.  We love, love, love, your suggestions.

Thanks from the whole yerdle team.