Portneuf District Library

Backpack and Story Kit Policy

Backpacks and story kits are available for 2 week checkout. Check-out procedure should be as follows:

  1. Inspect backpack or box for any damage. Make sure all closures are working properly.
  2. Remove the zip tie.  
  3. Remove all contents from backpack or box and check them out by item.
  4. Check the items against the inventory sheet in the kit.
  5. If an item is missing or damaged, give the backpack or story kit to Amanda or Susan.

If a backpack or story kit item is found on the shelf or outside of the kit/backpack, make sure it is returned to the desk, checked in, and returned to the kit. If the backpack or kit is checked out and an item is found outside of the backpack/kit, give the item to Amanda or Susan and have a hold placed in Horizon to route the kit to Amanda or Susan when it is returned.  

Community members MAY NOT check out items from backpacks/kits as individual items. It is possible that we have that item already in our collection. If not, it can easily be ordered.  If necessary, request an order for an item and we will alert the community member when it arrives.  

Check In Procedures:

  1. Check in items individually.  
  2. Compare the checked in items to the inventory sheet in the kit.  
  3. Inspect the kit for damage/replacement, and if necessary, route the kit to Amanda or Susan for attention.
  4. Zip tie the kit.