SCAMMER (PS3) (STAY AWAY FROM THESE USERS) - If you elect to do business with these people we suggest that you leave DU and head back to EA.

1800xcHoKxdaTxh0 (EA name) alternate PSN = pinktacolicker - Scammed Westside on 12/6/2011 and Chuds23 for a boys deion shortly after.

ADIDASFREAK (scamed bemis88 said he had pbcj bemis dropped 300k up front dude hung up and deleted bemis)

Ai4lyfe aka EliteMurda11 aka funeral_fab_15 - scammed fireball05 for 700k...many other scams.

Alirias (andycan101 and lilballa24 coin games)

AlwaysClutch151 (imposter....the real one is AlwaysClutch15)

amsterdam_weed (aka milk is a scammer)

ANDAWG221 (Owes clark kent from a coin game 5-17-2010)

anikinskywalker (owes eemmoonneeyy 10k)

armendarizj (scammed jamdean for 50k)

ashy_nux (scammed milk6931 out of fs LT and alexander

Balboathegreat (owes westside)

BamaRKO (libcripler)

BeastCribbs16 (EN-YO coin game)

BigBadBull (owes AllWorkNoPlay365 100k)

Big-e91 (scammed leoneves on deal for elite aj told him to buy contracts first then hung up and deleted him)

BLACKECLISPE (very shady, watch out for this user with trades)

Bob_Sagget_3590 (was sold farm account unscamablsteez74 and tried to scam on it)

blyallstar24 (scammed dchawk, also scammed Evan2265 for elite andre #44 and tried to scam many others.. DO NOT TRUST!!)

bradymossnwelker (owes for coins games from mut 10)

BRIGGS_54 (scammed many)

brownsfan2338 (owes chichboy and a few others from coin games)

Buffalofan704 10/12/2010 (scammed for an Aso. Said he had a woodson and that it got picked off but he never did) - new EA name is pat5454

C13301342 (Scammed Alvaro131)

Cack_Muncher (Scammed gynetix for 50K - MUT 11)

cardiactKID216 (Rob black coin game)

Champ-Island24 (Possible gill3814 persona) - 04/09/2011 - Scammed xViper007x out of Gold Albert Haynesworth 1st Edition.

Chichboy (owes Yorks_Finest+TrussingSphinx4+jonnydaman from saints 49er po game

chicken1551 ( Lost bet to TD_31 and refused to pay up)

Chiefsdad88 (Scammed many)

clausenpuller (this mofo is scamming peeps for their accts by promising coin glitches)

Clispin scammed Landon2269 and a few others

CPGOBLIN (WestSide75 coin game)

Creelo7 scammed Str8shot12 for 2 FS LT's - Scammed many more!!!


thebrownspride16 (Hightime coin game)

THEcomebackKid28 (Hightime coin game)

DaGeNuiEneAzHoLe (WestSide75 coin game)

dagizz (scammed many)

Danjsitt (EN-YO coin game)

DaGreatVasquez (En-yo Card game 10-15-2011)

davej011 - ( Scammed Dilliontatum for a Gold Brees on 2/26/11 )

dc-scarface-202 (Scammed zink717 out of 900k)

defense2222 ( scammed multiple cards and a few trades....dont trust)

dephilli (Didnt pay MRAY in coin game also scammed many for big cards, he will be marked as a scammer for life)

Demetresmith15 (scammed dropback21 for boosted barry)

Demonfreak420 (scammed Woz out of ol Ozzie Jones in mut 10)

Djmanbd - owes ANDCONCRETE a # ghost asante

Djman7 (cuzeen in coin game)

droogie aka MaddenOCD (owes Briggs54 10k)

DrPound35 (Sniped a Gold Woodson 1 /11/11 from bigjeff)


DUB_420 (scammed lightywins for 200k on insert moss deal)

Dwadeowns234 (pos scammer admitted to scamming)

E-Block-G21 (owes romo to austin 10k, owes lightywins 10k)

Ezbeon - scammed phEagles0-16 for 300k and ghost Hutch.


farmer_john_g (attempted to scam westside and then scammed djmanbd as well as others)

farmerfran121 /sea8hawaks37

FOXHOUNDxBigBoss (Scammed EA member out of HOF code product of noise has proof)

Freddyfish2 (owes vick187 for a 30k coin game)

gizzdonkey6969 (tried to bs scam Woz. epic fail)

gill3814 aka ai4lyfe aka sea8hawks37 aka Hollywood_flop( has scammed multiple fucks on EA look it up u cant miss it.)

Gooch718813 (owes JDM_420 a nitschke from giants vs dallas game 12-11-2011) ... e#18718099

Heedstackalot ( didn't pay Destiny9 on a 50k coin game)

highlow83 aka CMONEYGB (Lied on everyone to josh on twitter saying we tried to sell him coins)

Hollywood_flop alias of sea8hawks37 a known scammer.

I_Am_Da_ManX-X (scam multiple folks)

ii run madden ( owes halkster a PO reed from card game)

imbetterthan_u (returnoftheking coin game)

jase25 (sniped dadkins #23 moss 11-26-2011 if you are caught with this moss you will be added to the scammers list)


jbyrd - ("sniper for hire" scammed ebrad for a beason... also snipes for Winedutch/ GreenHoneyDutch )

JDMbobDA-9 ( owes mulitple people coins for coin games)

jetboy (scammed woosie_tld420 19 dec 2011)

jkrafty24 (scammed ryan out of an elite AP)

joe-bambino (owes cuzeen9 20k)

joepayne49 (hightimesteeler coin game)

JOSHCRIBBSKRKING (owes a fuckton of people)

joe_rice_16_80 (TEXASTECH COIN GAME)

just2unstopable aka RUNuOVER21 (ALOT OF FOLKS IN COIN GAMES)

kaleb719 (SCAMMED ZINK FOR 300K)


kennyys AKA Doublejack22 (Owes en-yo 10k, owes destyni9 15k)

kenokuipers (Scammed raquelmarie for cards 10-31-2011)

Leggocolts aka NateThompson23 (scammed many)


lilk229 - (scammed chuckdeezy out of a mccourty 3.0)

lil-chris_16 (williekillie coin game)


lolapenny (scammed generalmalice for rookie bush 41)

losnachosgrades - Scammed raquel_marie out of megatron #44

MADDEN_FANBOY (scammed coins and cards from 3 people)

MADDEN-MONSTER12 (Scams people for PSN cards trying to convince people he has Deion)

Mekodawg25 (scammed dantheman out of 100k on a deal for elite mcnabb for 350k)


MDPSCE (scammed bennyho08 out off 400k on Superbowl bet).

M_I_K_E_E_B aka MrMiggo aka Fatgreedyslobs aka YankeesTimefor28 (Scammed gdaddy out of 88k)

milk6931 (scammed mc201 for elite ap)

MindErazer713 (Lost card bet to FootFucnMaster on SD KC mnf and never paid card 10-31-2011. Also scammed Grambo125 out of 1.3 million for a boosted Rod deal 11-30-2011).

mintberrycrunch (Scammed many)

Mut104eva (Scams folks using cards posted on the auction block pretending they're his)

NateThompson23 aka Leggocolts (scammed many)

Nica99 (10k to gabbysdaddy)

xNorthpawx (owes tmacmonster 27k on a coin game and quits all the time ..a str8 bitch)

Numbr2DerekJeter (failed scam attempt on ryu)

OsO_Real_WiT_iT_ ( Scammed Jamdean82 of Rookie Deion 10-27-11 )

packersarechamps (Scammed many... ucfshaun for boosted Rod)

papadop (scammed boilerboy14 for deion)

Papiezy (EN-YO coin game)

patsfanjp (Scammed unbeatable_dt_62 out of # TD Manning)

Pedrero08 (returnoftheking coin game 4k) (texastech T.O 6-13-2010)

playerofthe_ (pridesax 21k coin game 4-15-2011)


ProjectPag (owes slagger from coin game)

pt toshiba (is a contract scammer/ scams peeps for their coins by changing their coin transfer contract bid and replacing with his own)

Purplepower101 (owes violive 5k)

r_U_scared_yet11 (scammed crete for 75k)

rangersfan24p23 scammed khaki123 for cards.

Rawdawgassassims AKA Mr_Sticky_Icky - Sniped a leg Woodson, Said he'd give it back and didnt (twice). Also has owed and not been straight up with other forum members about coins that were borrowed.

Redbirdsrock (owes kush 25k for coin game)

Revis2343 (Possible gill3814 persona) - 03/26/2011 - Scammed madmen55 out of Gold Charles Woodson and 300K Coins.

revis_island_24_ AKA Nik_Da_Quik (owes west 20k, never responded to messages - gold asante samuel sale at beginning of mut 11)

Rex-likes-feet11 (claims to be DU to scam, DO NOT DEAL WITH)

Romo_to_Austin (made the super legit list in mut 10, dun's list, then used it to scam people of cards.)

RuDy_LoCs831 (Vick187 card game)

runenovau (dominicna469 coin game)

sbv11u (owes allworknoplay365 25k)

scottD13 ( feeble attempt to scam crete for Elway).

shoot 4 stars ( probs with tmac )

silva22 (Terrapins21 coin game)

sittsrock (owes destyni9 10k)

Sp3ciAl_B3aN3r (Phone # - 313 598 8222, Reference: viewtopic.phpf=7&t=16093&hilit=Sp3ciAl_B3aN3r

sportsplayer26 (scammed many....never trust ever)


swag_surfer36 (scammed komo1923 out of 300k)

THE_478_BOYZ (scamed dest out of 8k on a card )

Thegreatest002 (scammed jamdean for 300k)

theking4life (too much to list..)



TgillAKAgill (known to be a scammer)- also sniped a brees from andycan101

tombrady123 aka joshn1993 aka FredBillyBob

tommyboy187 (scammed Ultimatium1000 for mangold)

TrussingSphinx4 (owes chichboy and a few others from coin games)


urtai (owes westside 1k in coins. )

UWish (scammed many)

vikings2hi (scammed pridesax for pb beason 3-27-11)

VERYDIRTYNUTZ (scammed smorefan for 300k)

wade313jake (owes tmacmonster1 3k)

Wakefan3 (owes dredger for a 50k coin game 12-17-2011)

watsupbroseph (pos scammer admitted to scamming)

Winedutch/ GreenHoneyDutch (pays jbyrd to snipe cards for him)

winorlose (scamed t-mac over a brady )

wintervikesfan (scammed many)

xiMASTADONix (Stay clear of his PSN ID also Optic_402....scammed JBMadden74 out of a PO Gronk)


XxAssassin_70xX ( scamed shortyz out of a vick / 70k )

xXJDMLittlemanXx ( owes bmore_is_home and others coins for coin game)