In fall of 2009, my classmates and myself were all assessed basic skills ranging from a soccer juggle to a forward roll. The tasks were all graded on a 4-point GLSP [Generic Levels of Skill Proficiency (2007, Graham)] scale, a grade of 4 being the best proving the student’s ability to demonstrate a seemingly effortless performance.

In the assessment there were 12 tasks, each were individually graded with a perfect score 0f 48. Only one student received a perfect score, and the lowest score was a 33 in the class. I practiced often and worked hard at it and I was able to score a 43 out of 48, a very good score. I was very happy with my performance.

In the end I was only upset with one part of my assessment. I received a ¾ on my ability to catch fly ball. A ¾ is a pretty good score but I was only upset because I’ve played baseball all of my life and I know I can catch a fly ball easily, however, the instructor must have seen something he did not like. All in all, it was a very successful experience.

Kevin Renzo

EXS 197

Fall 2009