e8e1efe Update to tzdata2011n.

f44de27 add personality() system call.

ecd0e95 Adding a timeout to tcp dns lookup connects.

0db00f2 IMM76D

b962452 IMM76C

54578dd IMM76B

fe0a544 IMM76

3ca86b2 IMM72B

f44b350 IMM72

031e57b second try

c3afa8f IMM68C

4ea508b IMM70

3a81843 IMM62B

187d092 IMM69

03fb636 IMM68B

15ad8cc IMM68

d9ca90b Add SDK template and assets for Android Design

7d114b1 doc change: assets for play

081c50f IMM62

067153c IMM59

17e1ba6 IMM56D

52ce071 IMM56C

8246e7f IMM56B

7a2051f IMM56

ea6f0e0 IMM54

c7887ba IMM52

fe53eeb Declare the emulator as a multi-touch device.

2499fdd IMM48

295cb9b Enable HW accelerated view framework for generic_x86 builds.

f37b2f2 IMM47B

1426e71 IMM47

e302b8a IMM46

6f0bb0b IMM45

8d15492 IMM30E

a7af7e0 IMM30D

c547a4d Please do not merge (already submitted downstream); check entire recovery partition on startup

7134fbe IMM30C

7410fbd IMM3C

9ffda11 IMM30B

c1c7418 IMM29

1c9630e docs: add the sidenav h2 back to the stylesheet for compatibility w/ javadocs

35e8c99 docs: update TOS and PP links to point to unified policy/tems also add a link to the b.android.com issue for reporting doc issues and open footer links in a new window issue: 5931704

a925a6e IMM26B

ba00f9e IMM26

424e71c IMM26B

2032e31 docs: add schema.org sitenavigation scope for sid-navs

939c3f7 docs: modify css to support sidenav headings with span, instead of h2 because I suspect the h2 is sending mixed signals to search engines for result snippets

5583c80 IMM30

3652a11 docs: add support for meta descriptions in the <head>

dc7418b docs: add images for g+ homepage announcement

9c20c51 IMM26

87203f0 IMM25

bce3fae IMM24

a45eafe IMM20C

ec87a47 IMM20B

5cb3f9d IMM20

94e1e3b IMM19

0ce12ef IMM18

958ac1c IMM13

604b542 IMM12

6add6c7 IMM11

2cbcd24 Cherry-picked from e6b969f3b in master. Do not merge.

b10b282 docs: add css for Android Design links and add link to site header

110ddac IMM06

ee0472e IMM04

9a46327 increment version to 4.0.4

457b7f3 IML81

e521822 IML77B

cc8efd0 IML77

50d6f97 docs: revise space wrapping to avoid "new" tags from breaking new lines alone Temp fix

0f429eb docs: fix bug in script for tab cookies

1d42360 docs: style and script changes for android u classes

d68b312 add Activity.onStop

bc9494f Fix Build Warning

2412d31 Fixed an incorrect test case where MediaPlayer.start() was called right after MediaPlayer.stop() was called.

afefb47 Fix InputMethodManager Related Tests

ed277cb Fix SeedTest

395497b Add TextureView stress test.

b3cf9f9 CTS Holo: Add +/- tolerance to bitmap comparison

42827fc Fix testHtmlEncode

dbb5ace VoldExploitTest: Don't timeout on slow netlink receivers

24a8808 Add CTS test for android.net.VpnService.

7261f4e Free net.cts from cts.stub.

e66798b DO NOT MERGE ICS MR1 Backport of Some Tests

c96313b DO NOT MERGE Fix resource leaks for Audio Quality Verifier

0d68ea0 add MediaRecorder.reset() before release() Fix http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?can=2&q=25640&colspec=ID%20Type%20Status%20Owner%20Summary%20Stars&id=25640

c37a996 MediaPlayerTest: Improve timestamp logic in testVideoSurfaceResetting

019eb7b FileSystemPermissionTest: one more dir

6d05878 FileSystemPermissionTest: more directories

f59de8d Don't Test Zoom Controls

5e0b04a skip WiFi test if not supproted - Support info is coming from PackageManager Bug: 5547397

49c3fe5 Fix the incorrect rule to check for SmsAddress

6089882 Fixed the scope of database query for calendar tests

d65816d add more dirs

76ac6fa release AudioTrack after each play - Otherwise, resource leak happens in audioflinger which causes allocation failure when all tests are run. - may be the cause for 5939203

62c5f28 increase retry to have better chance for streaming

2b21cd1 Add graphics.TextureView test - create a new graphics2 package to have its own activity

d53a929 DO NOT MERGE Update screen size and dpi in device info

651e854 Add 46003 to NO_DELIVERY_REPORTS

75afe54 move clearAnimation to UI thread bug 5963761

c7a1bd3 Fix CTS Report Phone Number Display

5212f04 DO NOT MERGE Update CTS Version to 4.0.3_r2

716f9b4 add /data/fota

490f8ab DO NOT MERGE Sync Coverage APKs with Master

44005a2 Fix SKT and KT Special Cases

41bef24 Add 'device serials' to output of 'list results'

35508d7 Test GL Texture with rotation and glDrawTexfOES address issue mentioned in https://groups.google.com/group/android-developers/browse_thread/thread/9c0ccb1a215586a8/2f28259213340eab?hl=en&lnk=gst&q=opengl+galaxy#2f28259213340eab

531ab38 Improve Activity Test Stability

c65e56b Improve AlertDialog_BuilderTest Stability

963a24e DO NOT MERGE Update Test ICS MR1 Expectations

63bc1cb Improve Contacts_PeopleTest

6f672e9 Remove termination of replica island as it does not work consistently, and delayed termination can fail the next test. bug 5906938

0600e74 Add replicaisland to Whitelist

e9c4952 Reduce camera record / play repetition to avoid 10mins time-out bug: 5906885

5882539 Fix for Holo CalendarView Tests

b03c7ad Add com.android.tradefed.utils.wifi to Whitelist

98b7076 Use Renamed replicaisland Package

7e8867b Disable spectrum test temporarily

938c31c change LinearityTest algorithm to use RMS of the whole signal and use linear regression to fit the result volume level is fixed to 2/3 of max

4d6809f integrate media stress test : MediaPlay and MediaRecord only - media files are copied manually before test - one test class per each resolution and format - support of format is checked for each test case, and not-supported format   will be just passed.

0c51ce0 Add GlAppSwitchTest  - switches between two Gl-using apps and forces recreating GlContext  - replica island is used for one GL app.  - if something goes wrong and rendering is blocked, watchdog timer     in each app will fire  - fixed a bug in GlPlanetsActivity as the original code freed vertex /     index buffer and did not create after pause resume    : Buffers are just kept to reduce resume time for this test

b4baccc add OpelGl performance test as a separate package Currently runs two types of tests 1. rendering performance comparison with VBO vs without VBO    This can also work as a stress test due to the amount of triangles used.

cae1ef5 Close opened camera before exiting testVideoSnapshotByCamera()

34b5d88 Revert "Updated Holo Test Assets"

995c5b5 Checking hardware feature when test rear camera

8a7df69 DO NOT MERGE ICS MR1 Backport of Some Provider Tests

3ed225e Update for 4.0.4

5fa0fe2 DO NOT MERGE Make CTS and CTS-TF Both Use VMTests-TF

9cffff6 Add more directories.

92918ba Updated Holo Test Assets

f9337e4 More directories.

0421df1 Add non regression unit test for Paint.measureText() and long strings - DO NOT MERGE

80176b7 change LinearityTest algorithm to use RMS of the whole signal and use linear regression to fit the result volume level is fixed to 2/3 of max

b1a9891 Result XML Reporter

2b572d2 EnvironmentTest: make sure TMPDIR isn't set.

c72aff3 add /data/sensors (NachoRoot)

053b303 Add /data/data/recovery

3b24aa4 add /data/local/tmp

4f7629c Enable and fix testAccessAllowFileAccess test. Do not merge.

fd68170 Test Cases for android.animation ValueAnimator, ObjectAnimator, TypeEvaluator, TimeInterpolator

542c25a Test Aspect Ratio in Different Orientations

a73984a DO NOT MERGE Suppress RTSP Verifier Tests

3319855 Fix Layout Issue in Verifier

0f86d8a DO NOT MERGE Update Verifier Version

fda6b93 DO NOT MERGE Updated Test Expectations

bad23f6 Fix Build Race Condition

c2b6e16 Increase MediaScannerNotificationTest Timeout

27688bf Fixed bugs in test case that caused test failure.

5a8eb1b CTS Test cases Class :  android.animation.ValueAnimator 7 Test cases

71a2924 Fixed bugs in test case that caused test failure.

51dfeda DO NOT MERGE Fix IssueReporter Bugs

c43a7c4 DO NOT MERGE Report Test Failures to Remote Server

88e5d1f Add OpenGL compressed texture format list to the test result. - For device supporting ES 2.0, 2.0 API is used, but for 1.1 only device,       1.1 API is used. - re-organized XML parsing / writing in host side to re-use the same code. - update version to 1.13

e8cf179 Fix TextKeyListenerTest#testPressKey Again

1c7e1e1 Fix to dex verifier to handle float types that look like Boolean.

232c385 Bug fix for control-flow construction involving nested loops.

390d7c0 fix personality call.

311886c Prevent memory fragmentation.

65b242b Add eclipse+readme files to prebuilt of v7-grid. do not merge.

7d5b68c update searchable dictionary for Android U class

af57413 Support lib: use /samples directory. do not merge.

88d9725 Prepare for doc package update in rev 2. do not merge.

92b3b05 Add a prebuilt of the gridlayout support library. do not merge

52b5571 Adding values-large-land and values-large-port folders. This is so that I can replace xlarge with large in training/multiscreen/screensizes.html for it to be compatible with TVs as well.

9322c5c Work around a y-invert bug on Macs w/ Intel GPU

767d089 Delete dead code.

9ba4ba7 Doc change: string changes for Google Play

7ef79e4 EmuGL: don't [de]queue buffers in eglMakeCurrent

cbc7300 EmuGL: enable SurfaceTexture async mode

0107630 Fix version metadata for java.lang.reflect.Field. do not merge.

d6bd184 EmuGL: GLESv2 support for OES_EGL_image_external

00e6133 EmuGL: refinements to GLESv1 image_external

ac018fe EmuGL: refcount ColorBuffers on the host

91d4e8e GLESv2 translator: don't delete EGLImage textures

fd9cdb4 Increase platform sdk package revision. do not merge.

52feec5 Update rev numbers of SDK packages. DO NOT MERGE.

41b5bb9 docs: fix minsdkversion for native activity sample

247df4f Add AppNavigation demo

0e981c8 EmuGL: Fix heap corruption

22f4efa Adding Android Developers Google+ redirect

df458cb Fix api version file with proper data enum.

e11b2d6 Update api version file with stripped generics info.

376e000 Fix bug in the new notification sample.

979806b Regular monkey should not write script log.

662b8f1 Adding manual redirect support to developer.android.com.

e52271a Generate a valid main.py for use with developer.android.com.

82374f6 Move api.xml from tools/ to platform-tools/

85241cc Add button to clear back stack.

74c1836 updating the SampleSyncAdapter sample to add stream item and photo code

3d398d7 Revert "updating the SampleSyncAdapter sample to add stream item and photo code"

7a98345 updating the SampleSyncAdapter sample to add stream item and photo code

2a9de02 Clean up and extend the linkify sample.

e462761 Move platform 15 sdk rev to 2. do not merge.

5bad48a EmuGL: handle NULL data in glBufferData

174f61c Fix notification sample to follow current UI guidelines.

f741c05 Doc change: updated index page for HDP sample.

5621efe docs: Allow d.a.c. to serve .OGV

a592d9c EmuGL: misc small cleanups

a4fb8a6 EmuGL: fix GL view position in window on OS X

9fe60c3 Allow d.a.c to serve webm and mp4

93d610d DO NOT MERGE Cherrypick from master: Allow d.a.c. to serve SVG files

71c1d3d Move platform component to rev3. do not merge.

2d95462 Fix WXGA720 skin to be portrait by default. do not merge.

144589b Fix WXGA720 skin to be portrait by default.

b9c12ba Sample app for Android U lesson: Building apps for enterprise - Device administration.

df52a4c Sample code for Android U lesson: Monetization - Ads without Compromising User Experience.

7d45265 Add torospr to the list of AOSP devices

268fb8f Update board-info.txt for new radio.CDMA_N_03.1A.64PS

d8b95ee CDMA RIL v3.27

fe18b30 LTE RIL update

0711d56 auto-generated blob-handling scripts

c79042a Update board info for radio.CDMA_N_03.1A.63P

0d2525b CDMA RIL v3.26

929ff3c Update board-info for new radio.CDMA_N_03.1A.62P

8981975 Add radio.CDMA_N_03.1A.60PS to board-info.txt

803f354 lte radio name needs to be upper case.

8597f62 LTE/MM RIL v07.1F

bf2f6db Update board-info.txt for CDMA_N_03.1A.5DPS

2ca7b0f fix issue when capturing with pre processing

d9a2615 stingray: Kernel prebuilt -- DO NOT MERGE

22c420f stingray: Kernel prebuilt -- DO NOT MERGE

55d470d wingray: update kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

6240402 wingray: update kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

31f18bd wingray: update kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

8a27da9 wingray: update kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

5502d0f wingray: update kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

7e9873d auto-generated blob-handling scripts

d19f2a0 Fix support for USB ethernet adapters on Xoom

06de9d9 Add OEM specific USB mode enumeration based on ro.bootmode property

af215ca wingray: Kernel prebuilt (DO NOT MERGE)

70d8d5f wingray: Kernel prebuilt (DO NOT MERGE)

8a58f92 wingray: update kernel prebuilt

024400f wingray: update kernel prebuilt

a1e9682 Set MTU for RNDIS interface to 1428

3f75c8d Kernel prebuilt

02ebe94 stingray: Set iProduct string to $ro.boot.modelno

2ac0a17 Use USB device class 0 for BP-tools + RNDIS enumeration

2e1da8e Add bugmailer for all wingray variants

c35cb71 Kernel prebuilt

68aa541 Update stingray kernel prebuilt

7c77f99 Change apn lists

0d22ff6 new kernel + wifi prebuilt

01a0926 crespo: prebuilt kernel + wifi

d2bdbb6 kernel + wifi prebuild update (/proc/pid/mem)

9b6a953 S5PC11X : RIL : Chage radio directory create sequence (Issue 5858560)

6799cc2 Update media_profiles_korea.xml so that it recognizes resolution-based profile settings

855e965 new kernel + wifi prebuilt

4fb4a98 new kernel + wifi prebuilt

7b6d8e7 kernel + wifi prebuild update

1c92613 Add support for radio.I9020AUCKJ1

3a12358 Kernel and wlan driver prebuilt

786e339 Revert "Fix ANR in com.google.android.videoeditor"

4159aff Update for new sprint radio

7901933 crespo4g: init.herring: switch to "ondemand" governor

1e15171 Change the tethering upstream priorities.

4bcb2f1 Set sojus to allow default data while tethering.

e1b030d Update baseband D720SPRLA1.

0dfbd87 Update baseband D720SPRLA1.

20bc487 Configure sojus to use DUN profile.

f9fbe2e Update boardinfo.txt for new radio

8d9e000 require bootloader LA03

6a79300 Update board-info.txt for new radio.I9250XXLA2

8fd7bf9 Set call_ring.multiple to false.

dec451d Update for new radio I9250XXLA1.

ce47f04 Update board-info for radio.I515.FC03

cbb3c42 Update board-info for radio-cdma.I515.FA04

ff50287 Update board-info to radio.I515.FC01 and radio-cdma.I515.FA03.

1a6b52f Update board-info for radio I515.FA02

6d2b7d8 Update board-info for radio I515.FA02

fe4743b require bootloader LA03

6b83cbd Update board-info for radio-cdma.I515.FA02

77f6379 Update board-info for radio-cdma.I515.FA01

5c0aef1 Move toro spr files to torospr.

9051004 Makefiles for toro variant.

d729fbd Alternate bootloader/radios for toro.

f51b137 Update board-info for ics-mr1 Android Version 4.0.4

8b17d37 toro: /dev/bus/usb/001 is used for the LTE modem, blacklist it

f7c1ca0 Auto-generated blob-handling scripts for torospr

ff1ce87 Rename full_toro_spr to full_torospr.

1c73b5b Move toro spr files to torospr.

33866ce Initial empty repository

78a7609 audio: fix audio drop when speaker is selected

6c745c6 tuna: kernel prebuilt -- DO NOT MERGE

3b50cc6 tuna: kernel prebuilt -- DO NOT MERGE

babe3f6 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

a71cfea tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

26f6ef7 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

c63ec31 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

bed5351 tuna: update kernel prebuilt -- DO NOT MERGE

26c2ea0 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

c55fbc6 Update kernel prebuilt -- DO NOT MERGE

400a171 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

40c820f audio: support multiple output PCMs

26f9aac require bootloader LA03

d48e362 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

5348e6b tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

159a810 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

bac9a47 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

e014fd4 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

7aeae7a tuna: add headset jack key layout files

7d8d745 Toro: USB: Add RNDIS+DM+MODEM

d007e23 tuna: prebuilt kernel -- DO NOT MERGE

f125ade Move toro spr files to torospr.

0a467ce tuna: update touch firmware to vers 0x65/0x45

726553e Tool to fix the fs_size in the crypto footer

31e70cf tuna: new kernel prebuilt

11db147 audio: fix wrong latency reported by audio HAL

0567501 a2dp audio HAL: extend write timeout.

537eaff In condvar wait functions, set the holder back before restoring count

3352706 Add custom template for /design path

b099bab Fix doclava to preserve annotations on fields and methods - do not merge.

73fc10a docs: add support for meta description in the doclava <head>; docs can optionally add a page.metaDescription definition to the document HDF data (above the @jd:body).

b7ec906 docs: add meta data based on schema.org

1be4b15 doclava: don't print "since api level" string if there's no level available

69140ff Cherry-picked from d86c724b in master. Do not merge.

9b58a96 Cherry-picked from 98d32ba in master. Do not merge.

bf8b8c8 Remove debuggable flag

0adc750 Rename replicaisland Package

6cb78e5 Changes to use replica island in CTS OpenGl performance test - add localization to make build work - changed start level to repeat Gl rendering - add position reset in Buffer access to fix crash issue after    too fast task switch - add watchdog timer to detect Gl rendering freeze

2b1168a + Fixed lots of bugs.  Most notably a divide-by-zero case in the collision system. + Add fades to all activity transitions (seems unreliable, though; race condition?) + Add Extras Menu, unlockable Linear Mode and Level Select + Add difficulty settings: Baby, Kids, and Adult + Add on-screen control interface; add support for muli-touch input events + Add debug mode frame rate readout (game thread only) + Changed most broken game play elements: enemy spawner and shadow slime + Added post-game statistics screen + Added fist-run control setup dialog + Fixed unescaped single quote characters (sorry!)

9d4cc25 Public release v1.3. + Rewrote input system to better abstract different hardware from game.  Major rework to this section. + Added nefarious hacks via "Safe Mode" to work around failures in broken GL drivers used by some handsets (Cliq et al). + Various bug fixes and performance improvements. + Cranked up pool sizes to allow for more simultaneous game objects.  (Runtime heap high watermark is now ~6mb) + Fixed bugs in SliderPreference to allow it to be properly instanced. + Added some debug frame rate display tools.

e1fe50f Fixed tilt sensitivity crash on Moment (app code was suspect), added option to turn on debug logging from preferences.

3c1e67e - Stop using VBOs when rendering with software (no speed improvement, and there are bugs in 1.5 and 1.6 software renderers related to freeing VBOs).  This should fix the Cliq and other non-accelerated platforms. - Fix Memory #034 to restore missing spike tiles.  Also move a gem to make that level a little easier. - Add configurable keyboard setup UI, push configured keys through to game thread. - Add tilt sensitivity slider UI, hook up to game thread - Add "what's new" ticker to main menu - Fix Kabocha spelling error - Fix out-dated or missing copyright headers (Eclipse seems to have automagically removed a bunch of them--thanks eclipse!)

661a7f1 Add basic readme files.

cfd74d6 Initial submission of Replica Island 1.1 source and assets.

2022c99 Initial directory structure.

319ce8d Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

1b32ddf Update to latest tinyalsa

538b01d Cherry-pick WebKit r100677 to fix a rendering crash

3c049d2 Prevent infinite loop when turning on then off composited mode

b627d5b Fully invalidate the pictureset when content size changes

0d7be54 When loading new content, reset zoom state - DO NOT MERGE

62279a9 When in singlesurfacemode, resist switching out - DO NOT MERGE

5d1753b Enable History API. Do not merge.

41aebb2 Return the tile generation thread to default priority.

61e0d18 Fix crash with composited layers - DO NOT MERGE

df33187 Fix 5960562: Show emergency button on PukUnlock screen

90e3bca Increase line limit for summary text

dc63f3f MediaPlayerService: fix AudioSink latency

0df6894 AudioTrack: relax check on minimum buffer size

4099e17 Doc update: DDMS Network Traffic tool.

1f60afc docs: Emulator Hardware Acceleration docs for SDK r17

2a29b3a Debugging code for #6169553: Make Phone launch faster

6fdab07 Remove fade animations from framework drawables.

957f716 docs: fix toc in search au class

1657080 docs: update various SDK and AVD Manager screenshots and remove one from the licensing doc that's not necessary

055e3f2 docs: android u search class

0e87370 Remove the country detector logging

f4ae6aa Allow CDMA on LTE devices to get data connections even if otasp is needed.

161a8de docs: remove link from GP logo

8edad6f docs: Fix a bunch of misc doc issues from external tracker

500cc4b A few updates for TVs.

87e3281 Adding TV related updates.

99e790d docs: add troido adk link

b99ae73 docs: move Android Design from static HTML to JD

97b94e7 docs: a few more Market -> Play strings

19fa8fe Fix badge generator URLs and images, and update script to generate different alt text for the different button styles. Also change homepage announce link for blog post.

9ad3d0e Update build-a-button to use new assets.

6f5b5ee Fix document.

1c24730 docs: update homepage announcement for GP Still needs an update with proper blog link (will probably do by hand for launch push)

4d7bc65 Doc change: String changes for Android Market

e606cb4 docs: fix api dashboard

290684a docs: fix expansion library package name

a47d88a docs: dashboard update for march 5

2df6ecc docs: add note about declaring file sizes with sample app's code

837a5d8 docs: updates to OBB guide for naming; plus other edits

93dc642 docs: fix misc bugs from external tracker

4143781 docs: add docs for market OBB includes splitting the Licensing dev guide into multiple pages; Turned original licensing doc into a redirect to the new files that are under guide/market/licensing/; Fix all links pointing to app licensing

e8f2c7f Make ResolverActivity update dynamically.

4b1afab extend timeout to allow for more time for the device to connect.

eb4f325 Set the video encoding bit rate for the media recorder stress test.

fb393f8 Mark configuration strings as not translatable.

a53b3bf docs: Android Design downloads section, linkable H2s.

5c60743 Fix issue #6073913: onActivityResult() not getting called...

e4ef9b1 DO NOT MERGE (from master: Fixed minor typo on Javadoc)

a2b41b4 NumberPicker showing IME when its input field  gains focus.

44e63a2 Support rendering layout that use the new res-auto namespace.

b69b2c0 Fix build.

7663d80 Fix issue #6048808: sometimes auto-correct is inactive

816b873 Move the automatic namespace outside of the res namespace. do not merge.

eed8d0b Fix for issue 9656 - custom xml attributes in Android Libraries. do not merge.

bf378fd Don't allow screen invalidations to go outside bounds of screen

02c9388 docs: fix bug 5878445

27c8d9b Adding time lapse test to mediaframework stress suite.

f11ffc1 docs: fixing bug 5942573

9366ce8 fix bug 5942522

224741a docs: NDK overview, remove x86 instruction set mention (b/6044027)

5c4d41e fix bug 5911175

51ec506 docs: fix bug 5990526

c3f979f Make sure resource references are resolved.

01011c3 Fix issue #6037252: Screen shifts after all apps are upgraded

0980e41 docs: Added Lint into Android Training and removed Layoutopt.

482ae5f Bug 6021294 - Contextual action bar animation tweaks

ef0314b docs: fix broken link

094bf51 Use &#39; for apostrophe in HTML encoding DO NOT MERGE

4fe25f6 fix NPE in race condition.

06a591c Fix last change -- don't call startInputInner() with lock held.

a82ba54 Part of fixing issue #6006757: Keyboard dismissal lags

811aca5 docs: move USB installation info into the OEM USB Drivers document because the Google USB Driver is deprecated, so consolidating the USB info makes more sense for the common case of needing an OEM driver A few changes to the device setup doc also; such as removing the "unknown sources" step, because that doesn't apply to adb installs.

aefa921 Update WiMAX notification icons Bug: 5724605

2670332 docs: Google+ badge now sizes properly; remove reposition hack

9dd3a66 Update 4G WiMAX assets for notification area as well Bug: 5724605

0ae5cac docs: Android NDK r7b Release Notes

2384386 Stop using shared DUN APN when tethering stops.

8d27f20 Add a config to set Dun capabilities.

ece18ef Don't pulse LED on new notification unless notification has LED flag set

d55cde1 Only use CDMA rssi for config_alwaysUseCdmaRssi.

650462b Import revised translations.  DO NOT MERGE

afd8f18 Add OEM specific USB mode enumeration based on ro.bootmode property

d9c8bbd docs: fix xss issue bug 5125642

52bfc24 docs: fix misc doc bugs from external issue tracker

a61f842 docs: OpenGL Tutorials fixed two broken links (Issue 5990696, public android bug: 25132)

e42fe55 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

09ff04d docs: fix typo in menu TOC

2ca5fb2 Don't use SNR in the invalid check.

331bb0c Setup ActionBars in layoutlib the same way the platform does it. do not merge.

cf9fe43 docs: switch from caps to initial-case for device button names

7c70cef Don't use SNR in the invalid check.

ed4d1f7 docs: add Sony USB VID issue 5967572

f8aea99 Make aapt ignore tools-related data.

a8c57bf extending timeout to stabilize tests

633de7b docs: fix meta description tag for homepage

6aaa27f docs: fix broken link

b6802e7 docs: fix action bar style example

5e09593 docs: update menu guide with CAB and popup menu, plus many other revisions

1d45bc2 docs: dashboard update for feb 1

e2ce3b8 Fix a typo in image processing test

cb78dd2 Use LTE SNR and RSRP to set signal level bar.

493d27b docs: change that stated as a few doc fixes and turned into fully documenting the device default themes and fixing many more, including adding API level information for older themes to avoid confusion. Oh and fix an unclosed <em> tag causing a format bug.

5e39519 Use LTE SNR and RSRP to set signal level bar.

b86cba1 docs: fix typo in eclipse doc external issue 21475

6440534 docs: fix typos and clarify some grammar in summary external issue 21548

5b259c6 docs: fix typo in market doc external issue 22650

b16965c docs: fix locale name; South Africa is local en_ZA external issue 23133

a21ac88 docs: update sidenav to use <span> instead of <h2> for headings, under suspicion that the h2s are causing poor snippet extraction in search results

6507df8 docs: add meta descriptions for home and sdk also revise the G+ widget to make fit

fa9b5ca Update documentation to reflect the old approach not working.

b1560f2 docs: add G+ page announcement to homepage

2c911b2 Adjust the LTE signal bar mapping.

bb9bffb docs: add NOTICE to action bar icon pack and sprinkle download links

3ba792c docs: Update designing-navigation training class to link to Android Design

62a1eb8 Suppress mobile-out-of-service label if wifi connected.

6c055bb docs: add action bar icons ZIP

3fe4529 docs: remove the 1.0 icon template pack

948eb9b docs: remove ADL presentation PDFs to conserve site space

5d3b0c7 docs: Android Design typo and grammar fixes

03d58bc Filter our v6 address from tethering dns.

2e481b9 Stop showing "No internet connection" when there is one.

4809f09 docs: update fujitsu id, capitalize

cdf1445 docs: add fujitsu/toshiba USB vendor id

b7ff51b Another attempt at issue #5823276: home repaints after full-screen app is exited

0609231 AudioFlinger: refine mixer sleep time logic

0b08965 DO NOT MERGE Revert "Revert "AudioFlinger: mix track only when really ready (2)""

0b69b59 Detect and repair invalid layouts in the navigation bar.

a486a53 Fix issue #5906017: Missing menu entries in portrait when in compatibility mode

30951c0 Revert "Fix 5797764: Increase lock screen's thread priority"

a60483b DO NOT MERGE Revert "AudioFlinger: mix track only when really ready (2)"

54dbbce Revert "Fix 5797764: Increase lock screen's thread priority"

b918035 DO NOT MERGE Revert "AudioFlinger: mix track only when really ready (2)"

a2a46f6 DOC CHANGE: New Content Provider topics

7df80fa Use the carrier-given dns addrs for tethering.

f65b531 Fix 5797764: Increase lock screen's thread priority

f87da6e Update WiMAX assets to match new style Bug: 5724605

6d6a70a Fix 5797764: Increase lock screen's thread priority

639ed75 Hide mobile RSSI on devices without mobile data.

e3b86f2 New out-of-service RSSI.

cfbf7de Fix issue #5823276 again: home repaints after full-screen app is exited

32f4700 Always show appropriate mobile service label.

170997a DO NOT MERGE Revert "Fix issue #5823276: home repaints after full-screen app is exited"

b078d94 cherrypick from master docs: Renderscript changes Change-Id: Ic84b7d8c5c48e118f337e60c8bb5b8bc68b0da16

12a1de0 docs: wifi direct

8fd86f3 Implement a max time bound for rotation.  (DO NOT MERGE)

71c4496 AudioFlinger: mix track only when really ready (2)

93c518e Fix 5863053: Add method to lock screen immediately.

dc6720f docs: adding rs api docs

9f63f12 Fix a few memory leaks in the input dispatcher.  (DO NOT MERGE)

c8fcde2 Fix DeviceDefault theme/style bugs where parent styles were incorrectly specified.

ed2c209 docs: Android API 15 SDK r2 Release Notes

1e6329d Use new preferredAPN URI avoiding onApnChanged() call with self-change

41ca0ac DevDocs update: Publishing on Market

e2225df docs: mention x86 as a native platform filter

bd9d9d3 cherrypick from hc-mr2, updated adk installation instructions Change-Id: I6a0e21a79b81c3383d1fa05a4893bab5626dbe05

6c16a58 Update to latest version of Roboto

be0cf70 docs: emphasize qualifier order and mention implicit version qualifer

2eeb53c update overview page for rs api docs to open iframe links in parent

0272f1d cherrypick from master - add overview description for RS API reference Change-Id: Id5554c607ad4c435f92bfa939e4ce4833a638f62

2fceb7f Fix teardown of secondary connections on CDMA

0bacfd2 Streamline package-installed handling by the Backup Manager

6ceca58 Update notification documentation to follow current guidelines.

8b56d20 docs: make AD logo clickable on home page

01b02a7 Fix issue #5823276: home repaints after full-screen app is exited

aaaafca docs: Android design CSS/JS fixes

403cb28 docs: minor Design Principles fixes for Android Design

cf602db docs: replace "decide for me image" bug: 5860467

0c95bb4 docs: update text and image for "let me make it mine" prinicple in design guide bug: 5853519

d4eb682 docs: further clarify the behavior of targetSdkVersion bug: 5854083

2e32a78 Doc change: Adding Bluetooth HDP info.

6ad68ba Adjust the mapping of LTE signal bars.

f3171fb Set Bluetooth adapter to PowerOff mode when turnoff with airplane on

50fe709 VPN: silence VPN notifications.

5962fd5 Clean up wifi/mobile indicators in the expanded panel.

972b1a5 Do Not Merge. Move ssl callbacks to webcore thread.

c894fb7 Prevent Android Design sidenav links from opening a new window

acd152f docs: editorial fix to homepage

28a0767 Fix 5620754: don't show pattern screen after SIM PUK unlock

7379046 Android Design

eb5dacd docs: add links to Android Design from dev docs

de7a2f3 DO NOT MERGE - Cherry picking from master to MR1

a4edd15 Fix 4560303: Add setting to lock later when power button pressed

577d6cc stagefright: limit audio gap for looped playback

64140a0 Fix Music import for Turkish locales.

7664c0e DO NOT MERGE cherry-picked FU framework tablet commits

6139897 Unhide Resources APIs for getting resources at specific densities.

e4c1e7d Fixes typo.

b97d34c Disable wimax when mobile data is in Settings

b7feb1c Switch camera sounds to always use the system enforced audio stream.

17907a7 Fix an RuntimeExcpetion in GsmDCT.onDataSetupComplete

149537c getDuration can be only called after prepared. DO NOT MERGE

a0a117b Fix bug #5822825 Paint.measureText (char[] text, int index, int count) cannot handle text more than 32K long - DO NOT MERGE

e63163a docs: second set of diagram updates

a46d778 Fixing crash when taking screenshot over secure window.

c8810c2 docs: add Teleepoch VID/driver info and update Huawei url

7efb89b Enhancement on ICS data stall polling logic

b2c63ab Do not allow file:// access when it is disabled. Do not merge.

9c9b9ad docs: Update lifecycle diagrams to use new omnigraffle designs; add corresponding graffle files update discussion of activity state restore for clarification

1df51c6 Tweak docs on 'adb logcat'

12d9954 docs: dasboard update for 1/3/12

cd1b08e docs: fix broken links in .jd docs

81fa7f3 Add support of dislaying Alpha tag for BIP commands

f4a014e Updating default image wallpaper for tablet.

a17e100 Doc change: fix link target for "Publish" icon.

0582da6 docs: add links for Galaxy Nexus driver

72dafb2 audioflinger: fix clicks on 48kHz audio.

3aef8e1 docs: Add developer guide cross-references, Project ACRE, round 4

2b43f3f docs: Update App Widgets dev guide size discussion

6de972a Support suggestedRetryTime in CDMA DCT

10410fc Fix issue with selecting proper JNI libraries

1d56f41 Doc Fix: Sensors and Cameras

6e31a7b Get average value for image processing test bug#: 5566079

8017794 Remove sleep from test acitivity to avoid ANR when key event is injected bug#: 5737922

8f04ae3 docs: fix sidenav typo

df44016 docs: add driver info for Hisense

00697a9 docs: Add missing intent flag to Android U nav class

edceed2 docs: fix whitespace in sidenav

6b21fa8 docs: Minor link fix in Android U class

9c09313 Fixed table labelling issues in 'Multiple Dimensions' multiple apk lesson

a15562f Updated "Designing for Security" documentation

611d03e docs: typos

8b6ed2d Doc change: edits to ICS MR1 API Overview.

71d5c1d docs: Release Notes v2 for Android 4.0.3, ADT 16.0.1, Support lib r5-r6

48e0617 Fixed Android U Enterprise lesson pre-requisites and a minor typo.

36c6778 docs: update homepage for 4.0.3 announcment

98af5ed docs: fix encoding issue or whatever with docs (not showing titles)

2956f2f docs: add remembering users class to nav

3b33cdc Doc merge from master:Training class on Identifying and Authenticating Users.

abfcbd1 docs: typo in training orientation

265644e docs: Minor bugfix to Android U navigation design class

09fc766 SurfaceMediaSource: use the HW_TEXTURE usage bit

580f014 docs: add camera and design, remove users update title names for many lessons

e4f2031 docs: Release Notes for Android 4.0.3, ADT 16.0.1, Support lib r5-r6

abe2dec Remove references to sample application

a303065 Android U Class: Designing Effective and Intuitive App Navigation

564e8aa docs: Android University - Camera class

7736f96 docs: Add training homepage, side nav, and title changes

d25ad2f cherrypick from ics-mr1 to avoid pending merge conflicts: Change-Id: If1341cdc456ace9037bd2175479d89454e084e22 docs: remove some "new" tags from side navs

909fe93 Minor tweaks to Sharing class, updated some typos, wording and a screenshot.

4383448 docs: remove some "new" tags from side navs

3d672e1 Android U Class: Monetization / Ads without Compromising User Experience

aed4ced Android U Class: Developing Android Applications for the Enterprise. This class uses a sample app.

f9cca66 Docs: Training class on Identifying and Authenticating Users.

088f162 Hide emergency call text if not support it.

d73b79b Cherry-picking Id45abeba and Ia065dec6 for MR1

f8c029e Dev guide for sensors

665ba9e Don't adjust scroll on focus changes.

8313b3a Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

a8065d5 DO NOT MERGE. Dont sanitize before/ after/ between chips while waiting to create pending chips.

bbcfb96 Catch exception when parsing event's data

996f125 Allow lowercase in rrule

0335d9f Fix rrules with bad count and interval during parsing

c2fa43f Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

97b3c54 Make FragmentActivity#supportInvalidateOptionsMenu public.

7ac4b37 Don't have ShareCompat.IntentBuilder start for result by default.

c9cf2eb Add app navigation helper code to the support library.

ac40786 DO NOT MERGE - Add ShareCompat to the support library.

f2fed0f Build android-support-v13-ics-mr1 against SDK 15 (ics-mr1).

9991876 Fix for number pattern tests for devices not supporting "ar" locale

990a687 DO NOT MERGE Fix testCalendarSerialization

806d834 Ensure faster OpenSSLSignature is used when possible by doing proper case insensitive comparison

a468471 Don't throw needlessly when returning the CacheResponse.

cc676d3 Test case for verifier to handle floats that look like boolean.

a167e65 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

29e5c89 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

0ffa971 DO NOT MERGE Fix generic filter check

077cf81 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

fac03de Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

8b1119b Fixed end date in multiday events where it be off by a day

efa3f22 Fix the share popup. DO NOT MERGE

cb9bcc4 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

1413860 Do not allow switching to other activities during panorama capture. (do not merge)

62bbca8 Allow saving panorama after the activity is paused. (do not merge)

d72992e Use default volume control stream instead of the music stream.

62b8c53 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

8292ec0 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

9021706 Dialpad redesign.

0308361 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

60919fb Disable shouldDelayChildPressedState()

574ad60 Cherry-picking I25bf497e for MR1

1b73299 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

c64d28c Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

ecaa977 If we're stopped, make sure watchdog alarm is also stopped

0767601 Fix widget updates

9b4240f DO NOT MERGE: Handle UI part of email lookback limit

7cc40b5 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

48ac73e Handle HTTP redirect (451) in OPTIONS and FolderSync

dfbfdb3 DO NOT MERGE: Fix binder transaction failures in CalendarSync

bf28a9d Handle case of duplicate messages when using Fetch (EAS 2.5)

ae073cc Handle empty tag for EAS 14 event reminder

701e2ab Reopen message filestream before retrying w/o SmartReply/Forward

30726eb DO NOT MERGE: Support email lookback policy

9d1eb29 DO NOT MERGE: Always allow max calendar age policy

0496ce1 Support SD card encryption when possible

4099db3 Fix inefficient EAS server deletes

013236b Don't rely on "chunked" mode for sending EAS 14 email

9f551ed Fix folder sync parsing and parent initialization

9dfa28a Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

c6175ab Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

dfeefe6 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

8f568da Patch.

98b69dc Part of fixing issue #6006757: Keyboard dismissal lags

2a5bc11 DO NOT MERGE

fb314c7 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

1783402 Add SMS autoreply activity

92bf054 Show current vibrate setting

f14ffac Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

2a2e37b Not able to call a number that isn't saved in contacts, when pressing the call button from messaging app

758276f [Crespo-S] Message not able to be sent to a Korean number with a plus code in front (i.e. +82...)

6012a9b [MR1] MMS: Fix Verizon IOT 2.6.1 fail [patch3]

d509911 Sent Message on fast reply has a strange number in the messaging app

1f530d3 Add sms test framework - SmsTest is the basic test class which can be extended by other tests - SmsStressTest stress sending/receiving messages, different size of   message and recipient can be passed through test runner

3baaad8 Not able to play attached audio file in Messaging Application

3710612 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

f8298fc Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

cf391e1 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

4bf466a Setup a flag to detect when the screen is on and we are in call mode.

3fc17a2 Fix in-call notification icon flicker when screen goes on/off

7303149 Introduce vibration options for voicemail notification

40dcd14 Disable horizontal detection during phone call

512552d Correctly hide in-call panel when dialpad is shown

d8baa6f Correctly hide in-call panel when dialpad is shown

671780e Import translations. DO NOT MERGE


9e01ecb Save network mode on GSM devices.

a146791 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

9372484 Don't crash if there's no bluetooth functionality (such as in an emulator) do not merge.

78ef544 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

67a50f9 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

2d8101b Fix a pseudo race condition in TtsEngineSettingsFragment.

999f23e Locale string comparisons must ignore case.

aaff44c Don't allow wifi tethering when running monkeys.

071742d Fix 4560303: Add setting to lock later when power button pressed

e3b4dfa Android OS battery usage overstated by screen on time

a98c353 Don't enable SIM PIN Lock menu if SIM is not available

56aded5 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

7c82ced Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

2154d81 Fix crash in STK.

764167c Add support of dislaying Alpha tag for BIP commands

f709f76 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

57cb48d Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

4819609 Remove unused code

c85dde4 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

3e405f3 DO NOT MERGE. Save keyboard layout only when it is shown

2168795 DO NOT MERGE.  Fix more keys for fr_CA and fr_CH.  Also tidy up more keys for de_ZZ as well.

5d2ceed Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

c378083 Fixed the problem where search result for recurring events were incomplete.

bfea6da Added logging for to debug bad events

9357fc5     More aggressive fix for phone lookup issues.

f720bc6 Allow downloads when no network restriction set.

d616ee6 Added a new URI updating preferred APN w/o change notification

31b1273 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

c82b182 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE

aa4b72f [DO NOT MERGE] Drop prebuilt NDK r7b.

aaef9b7 Drop the SDK 15 official release.

74b3655 [DO NOT MERGE] Drop the latest llvm-rs-cc from ics-mr1.

84b0a90 Back port the annotations support lib to mr1. do not merge.

5ebced3 init.rc: update the permission of /data/local.

746f324 Add USB vendor IDs for Quanta, INQ and Sony.

4779e93 Add Intel's vendor ID to adb

01c76f5 HACK: Export androidboot.modelno as ro.boot.modelno -- DO NOT MERGE

07ad9f2 Add USB Vendor ID for Fujitsu and Lumigon.

ae42982 Cherry-picked from c4f37eed7 in master. Do not merge.

7415965 Cherry-picked from c13daef7b on master. Do not merge.

09cdc0e Close a security hole - do not give world readable/writable access to /data/drm

fa351ab Only do bugreport on user build with ADB enabled

b30136b DO NOT MERGE Add iteration option to micro_bench

1babab9 netd: do check on command, not buffer.

3c20787 Increase the valid name of the iface to IFNAMSIZ

4ab4685 Add back hook for inserting OEM specific iptables rules.

9e5e0ce netd: fix argument interpretation bug