EDU 255

Verbal Transcription of Lab

(To Entire Class)

Everyone come around

My name is Ms. Sherman, um we’re all in high school right, so we’re starting to learn how to drive, we are getting are license, how many people have their license? Nice.

But how many of us have gotten lost?

And you had to pull over and stop, and how annoying is that! I hate it.

So you know you have to stop, take time.

It would be so much easier if you had a GPS or a map that kind of anticipated where your car was going, and lead you on your way.

You wouldn’t have to stop.

So that, that’s pretty much the same thing with ultimate Frisbee, when you want to pass you want the person whose passing to you to anticipate where you’re going and to lead you on your way.

So we’re going to set up a drill to work on that, can I have two people to help me volunteer?

Thank you, TJ, Tony, perfect.

Alright, I just threw away all my Frisbees, hold on.

Alright, we’re going to show you guys, so can everyone turn this way?

We’ll have our person A, who will be our passer, and person B will be about 10 feet away.

So about this far.

What we’re doing is, person B is going to run in a circle around, while TJ anticipates where he’s going to be.

So he’s going to pass it when he reaches here, and then there’s going to be a pass back.

And then he’s going to continue running, pass again to Tony, and then a pass back.

(To Tony and TJ)

So do you want to try that?

(To Entire Class)

So you start running, and he’s gunna lead in, and pass back, and then keep going, lead in, pass back, Perfect!

Now some common problems with the whole lead in pass is that, you lead it right flat so they’re going to stop or back up and you don’t want that in a game situation.

You want to keep going towards the end line so you can score a goal.

So listen for my whistle, alright, this is my signal for attention.

Get a partner and spread out to one of the Frisbees that are already out there.

Uh make space, cause we don’t want to run into each other, and then uh wait for my instruction.

Alright, that’s perfect.

If you don’t have a partner then you can make a group of three. And yea, everyone have a spot?

Ok we’re going to do this drill for a few minutes, and um try to get as many personal passes as you can so count how many successful lead offs you get.

And I’ll let you know when you should switch with your partner alright?

Alright, go.

(To TJ)

Try to lead him a little more in front so he has more room to run, that’s good.

(Two Students)

You guys could spread out a little more just so, okay good.

(To Greg)

Keep it up!

(To Rob)

Not yet I’ll let you know.

Try to lead him a little bit more in front, anticipate it a little more.

(To Entire Class)

All right, I want you to switch with your partner now, so if you were the person passing, now you want to be the one running, visa versa.

Alright, begin. Count your passes.

(To Tony and Ryan)

Do you want to be defenders for another group, like you go defend for their group? Thanks.

Wanna defend for them? Yeah just like hop in right there. Yeah just hop in and go defend, hop in.

 (To Andy and Nick)

Hey do you guys wanna defend? Wanna defend for them?

You wanna go defend over there in that group for Ben? Just hop in.

(To Rob)

You’re anticipating really good, I like it. You’re welcome.

(To Entire Class)

All right bring it in!

All right how many passes did anyone get off, did anyone count their personal number?

15! Anyone beat 15?

No, alright. Good job Tony. You’re welcome.

Um alright when the defenders where thrown in there did that throw you guys off a bit?

Yeah that’s more game like situation so you especially in a lead off pass you wanna make sure you get them in front of the defender, get em on their way.

Any one name the cues.

(To Jeremy)

What’s the cues, Jeremy?

(To Entire Class)


(To TJ)

Anyone have a second que, TJ? Perfect!

(To Entire Class)

Okay thank you guys for coming to my class today and I’ll see you all next time.