Lab B1 - Verbal Transcription

Teacher: Jeremy West                                                     Class:         EDU 255        

Topic:         Ultimate Frisbee - Pickup, Pivot, and Pass                        Grade:         Lab B1                

Date:         10/5/2010                                                        # of Students:         11        

Note: Some of this transcription is missing due to being too far away from the camera

To the Whole Class:

Good morning class. Can everyone bring it in? My name is Mr. West. I have a scenario for you. You’re playing ultimate Frisbee. The other team has the disc. They throw it; it lands on the ground. You run to the disc. You see, uh, your teammate in the endzone. You pick up the disc and by the time you’re ready to throw it you have a defender on ya… preventing you from scoring, preventing you from doing an endzone fance. Am I right? (Class says yes.). Alright. Okay, maybe you don’t do an endzone dance, but it prevents you from scoring.

So today we’re going to work on getting that pass off to the defender… getting the pass off with a defender on us, scoring, and by the end of the day, we should be able to all do an endzone dance.

Okay. So the first thing we’re going to learn to do… When you pick up the disc you’re going to pivot and then pass. (Acted like I was showing the visual aid, but I forgot what I wanted to say.) I got this up here for you guys to look at.

Okay. First we’re go-, when, our activity for today, if I can have Kevin and Kayla. Kevin do you want to be the defender. Kayla you wanna go out there to the black line. If everyone else can spread out.

Okay. What we’re gonna do. You’re gonna have the disc on the ground. You’re gonna run up to it, pick it up, pivot at least two or three times, and then pass it. Then when Kayla gets it she’s gonna put it on the ground. Then she’s gonna run up to pick it up, pivot, and then pass. Any questions? No questions? Okay, can y- (Remembered I needed to say my safety statement.) I just want to make sure, make sure everyone’s alert; keep your eyes up; we don’t want anyone getting hit in the head with a Frisbee or anything like that. So let’s break up into groups of three, have one person be the defender, and two people be offense. Go ahead.

(Class is performing activity.) Make sure you do two or three pivot moves.

Run up to the disc; do two or three pivot moves. There ya go. Good job.

Alright. Can everyone bring it in? Hustle. (Clapping.) Let’s go. Hustle! Kevin! Hustle! Let’s go bring it in!

Okay. Who can tell me what we learned today to get a pass off with a defender on us? Jen? (Jen: Pivot). Pivot. Okay. Everyone know, knows how to pivot, right? (Class nodding head.) Show me. There ya go. Good job. Everyone did a fantastic job today. (Keep slapping my hands.) I think everyone can do their endzone dances now. Go ahead endzone dances. There ya go. Good job today. Let’s practice over the weekend and on Monday we’ll play our first game. Thanks guys.