October 3, 2009 Long Lake Area Association Board Meeting Minutes

Approved at 5/1/2010 Board Meeting

Larry Roberts called the meeting to order with the following members attending:

Lou Schultz, Dave Anderson, Lois Madsen, Sonja Clapp, Jim Hansen, Bill Cowman, Jeff Bjorkman and Stu Hamilton.


The Secretary’s minutes for the August 29th meeting were approved as published, and the Treasurers report was submitted and approved.


The AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) group recommendations were submitted for discussion by Dave Anderson. Larry Roberts and Jeff Bjorkman gave a report on the Healthy Lakes Forum held in Walker Friday. The general discussion of AIS led to the following actions by the board:

Approved the creation of a 501C-3 foundation (at no cost to LLAA) as a means to develop a war chest should we face an AIS infestation on Long Lake, John McKinney coordinating.

Approved the formatio n of a committee to gather information on LID (Lake Improvement District), Watershed and Tax Districts as a longer term means to raise funds to fight AIS on Long Lake. Larry Roberts, Jeff Bjorkman and Bill Cowman formed the committee.

Requested a cost quote for a professional baseline survey of Long Lake  which would be needed before any AIS infestation treatment could be performed and would also be a necessary, key component of the forthcoming Lake Management Plan. Larry Roberts and Bill Cowman will gather information and advise board members.

Due to John McKinney’s absence, the septic Ordinance update was postponed.


Larry Roberts reported that the recent direct mail piece to non members had increased membership to 226, and the board approved sending the fall LLAA Newsletter to members and non members as well for the primary purpose of increasing awareness of the AIS threat.


Bill Cowman gave an update on COLA activities and events.


John McKinney has accepted responsibility for the board member elections next June, and Sharon Natzel has accepted responsibility for next summer’s flotilla.


Bill Cowman gave an update on the downtown revitalization project,20including possible lake association sponsorship of some architectural elements of the project..


The 6PM Long Lake gathering at Zorbas will continue the first Saturday of each month.


The meeting was adjourned and the board will reconvene next April/May; however, some issues may require input and/or voting via e-mail over the winter.



3 October,2009