Overall, we want the tours to communicate how the home owners really live and use their kitchen.  We want to show the personality and flow of the kitchen.


⃞  Lead image: Owner(s) in their kitchen, engaged in cooking activity.  Shoot this scene from two angles, place the person in two different areas of the kitchen (so we can choose the strongest single image).


For kitchen tours, we’d like for the majority of the images to be wider, full-picture views of the kitchen and details kept more to a minimum.

⃞  full-picture views from 4 corners of the kitchen

⃞  establishing shots of pantry

⃞  establishing shot of dining area, shot from 2 different angles

⃞  establishing shots of how these two rooms interface with each other (are they adjacent?), if possible

⃞  establishing shot of kitchen entryway and any outdoor areas attached to kitchen


⃞  stove/range

⃞  sink

⃞  fridge contents

⃞  storage solutions

⃞  pantry


⃞ pots and pans

⃞ serving dishes

⃞ coffee/tea set up

⃞ spice storage

⃞ favorite cookbooks

⃞ knife storage (drawer, block or magnetic strip?)


⃞  collections of anything cooking related

⃞  plant life

⃞  special DIY projects

⃞  anything the home owner has created themselves, storage solutions, furniture, etc.

Formatting Images:

All lead images should be shot vertically.  All images within body of post should also be shot vertically.  It’s okay to have a few horizontally-aligned images within tour jump, but keep horizontal images to a minimum.

We’d like a total of 20-25 images for the tour, emphasizing quality over quantity.  It’s okay to go to 30 images, if there are a lot of functional details.  It’s also okay to go to 20 images that are really solid and informative.  The images should be bright, with straight, clean lines and have a variety in perspective and composition.

Compiling the Tour:

Within the tour gallery, we want to view the space as if we’re walking through the kitchen.

It is optimum to have a mix of imagery for the tour room, so it moves from establishing shot, medium (ie furniture piece, artwork) to detail as you focus on each area of the kitchen.

When choosing the 5 images for post body, the lead image needs to be the strongest photo, whenever possible this image should include the home owner(s).  If an image with a person is not available, the second choice would be the most beautiful, establishing or medium shot from the tour -- vignettes/details are not a good choice for a lead image.  This is the KILLER image.

For the four images below the jump, try to include a variety of spaces and perspectives in the kitchen.  For example, a special detail image, an establishing shot from another angle other than the one featured in the lead and an image of pets/something cool/unique to this home can be placed in the body of the post.

The thumbnails should be cropped from the 4 images that will be in the body of the post.  Thumbnails act as a previews.