Adding a File to Your Course Moodle ISU


You can upload any type of file to your Moodle ISU course.  You only need to make sure that both the instructor and the students have the appropriate software to open the files. If you need to upload large media files (i.e., sound files, video files) please contact the ITRC to discuss the option of placing these large files on the media server.

This guide will help you to:

Add a File to Your Course

  1. Turn Editing On. For more information on turning editing on, please see Moodle ISU Overview.
  2. Locate the Week/Topic block in which you wish to add the activity.
  3. Click on the Add an Activity or Resource link.  A box will appear showing you all activities and resources.

Hot Tip: You can also select the file on your computer, drag it to where you want the file in your course, and drop it there. This will upload the file directly to your course homepage with default settings.

  1. Choose the activity you wish to add and Click Add


  1. Type the name of the file in the Name field.   This will show to the students on the course homepage.
  2. In the Description box type in a description. (This is a required box.) If you would like this description displayed on the course page click the Display description on course page box.


  1. Click on Add… to open up the File Picker.
  2. Click on the repository where your file is located.

Hot Tip: You can also select the file on your computer, drag it to the central area of the above block, and drop it there to upload.

Generally the file is located on your computer.  The following steps guide you through using the Upload a File option.

  1. To upload a file from your computer Click the Upload a File option in the left column of the File Picker
  2. Click on Browse…
  1. Locate the file on your computer.
  2. Click on the file you want to upload
  3. Click the Open button. The file should now show in the attachment text box.
  4. Click on the Upload This File button.

Hot Tip: Entering a name in the Save as field will rename the file only for Moodle ISU. This is optional and not required to upload your file.

For more information on Files and Repositories, please see Files and New Repositories.


  1. In the Appearance menu, Select the setting for how the file will be displayed.
  1. Display resource name will show the name of the resource if the file is embedded.  
  2. Display resource description will show the description of the resource if the file is embedded.

The following options can be accessed with the Show more/ show less button.

  1. With the Pop up option also comes the ability to specify the size of the pop up window in pixels.
  2. For information on the Filters options please contact the ITRC

Common Module Settings

This section sets how the activity uses Groups and manual grade calculations.  For more information on Groups and Groupings, please see Groups and Groupings.  For more information on manual grade calculations please contact the ITRC.

Restrict Access

This section sets the conditions under which students may interact with this activity. For more information on Conditional Release/Restricting Access, please see Conditional Release.

Activity Completion

This section sets the conditions under which Moodle ISU 2 will consider the activity to be complete. For more information on Activity Completion, please see Activity Completion.

Once you have everything set:

Note: The new resource will always appear at the bottom of the list within the week/topic you have chosen.

For more information please visit

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