“Cave Art in 2010”

Directions: We have been discussing and analyzing cave art found from thousands and thousands of years ago. We can use cave art to learn about what things were like back then. Since there were no books written during the Stone Age, the cave art becomes very important. It gives us a glimpse into the ancient world.  With cave art as our theme, your homework assignment is going to be making your own cave art. However, your cave art will not be from the ancient times because you are not living in the ancient times. You are living in 2010, so your “cave art” will be showing something about our world and what people do right now.


1. Brainstorm some ideas of things commonly done by people in today’s world.

2. Decide on something you want to draw as your “cave art” showing something done by people in 2010.

3. Draw your “cave art” on computer paper provided you. Use colored pencil or crayons. NOT markers.