English 12                                                                                Name:

Kim Manning                                                                        Date:

Personal  Essay:  How  Can  I  Open?

        This is a difficult assignment.  

        Writing about ourselves is not easy to do, yet, we are the experts:  we know ourselves better than just about anyone.

1. Review what you have already written in response to:

        - "So...Tell Me About Yourself"  and  The Essential Me

2. Re-read the handouts The Personal Essay  and  Personal Essay - Assessment of Learning  (note: the U.B.C. "Tips for Success" on that handout).

3. WRITE!  You're writing a first draft.  Do expect perfection.  Get ideas down on paper.  Reading helps your brain to think more than staring at a blank page.

4. I understand that starting your opening, your first words is very difficult.  Brainstorm or web in response to one or more of these possible openings:

        a. Explain a specific experience that challenged you;

        b. Explain a specific experience when you demonstrated part of your         philosophy of life;

        c. Outline your passion(s) for:   - a specific short or long-term goal;    - a core         element of your life;     - a specific job experience or activity

        d. An anecdote (a short true story about an experience in your life when you

        grew as a person;  and / or showed leadership;  and / or showed perseverence;

        and / or showed personal strength or another quality.

        e. Explain a specific experience when you faced adversity.

5. Start writing...it's a first draft.  Don't be so hard on yourself.  Trust yourself.  Now, write!