Diffusion Group Note Summaries


  1. Your table group will be responsible for one of the four Diffusion Unit topics.  
  2. Select your topic:
  1. Cell Membrnae
  2. Diffusion & Kinetic Energy
  3. Osmosis & Solutions
  4. Active Transport
  1. Each group will have 25 minutes to research and create a summary of their topic that outlines the following:
  1. General description of the topic
  2. What process(es) is/are involved
  3. Is energy required if it is a form of transport
  4. Pictures/Diagrams of the process
  1. Create a summary of your topic that can be linked or embeded in your blog.  Pictures and audio/text are helpful.  Summaries can be created using the following tools:
  1. Prezi with images and descriptions
  2. Collaborative video on WeVideo
  3. Video on Xtranormal or Animoto
  4. Other ideas: Ask your teacher
  1. Each group will have 3 minutes to present and explain their process to their other table group who will then complete the Power Notes Handout for your topic.  Presenting groups will switch and repeat this process.