$11.00/HOUR, ONE YEAR COMMITMENT REQUIRED (September 2015 - June 2016)


Description of Theatre Facility

The Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center’s theatre is a multi-purpose theatre space open to student organizations and individuals, UW departments and programs and off-campus community organizations.  The theatre accommodates theatrical performances, music, dance, film screenings, class presentations, lectures and symposiums, and other performing arts events.


Duties and Responsibilities

The Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center (ECC) Student Technical Coordinator position will become the intermediary between the reservations office and theatre, assisting with reservations  coordination and preparation of the theatre for events.  The Technical Coordinator will collaborate with the Program Coordinator, Operations and Facilities to create a comprehensive operational infrastructure for the Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center’s theatre, including event coordination, theatrical lighting design, routine maintenance and client relations.  The Technical Coordinator will also be required to work some events scheduled in the theatre and perform some duties of a theatre technician.


The Technical Coordinator position will consist of 19.5 regularly scheduled hours each week, which may include work in the morning, afternoon or evening, based on the needs of the reservations office and the student’s academic schedule, and will include occasional weekend work.  This position will also assist the Program Coordinator with special projects and specialized work in a community theatre setting.


Duties Include:


Minimum Qualifications Required

1.      Theatre lighting systems, design concepts, light board programming, rigging

2.      Audiovisual systems including data projectors, video and laptop signals,                         presentation software and other media equipment

3.      Sound systems, proper equipment handling and equipment troubleshooting

4.      Maintenance procedures, theatre operations and facility coordination


Reports to: ECC Operations and Facilities Coordinator


Educational Benefits

The ECC’s Technical Coordinator will have the opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the policies and practices of an operational community theatre, gain an insight of event and programming needs, and will gain experience working with technology and audiovisual systems in a fast-paced environment.  The Technical Coordinator will be able to work with students, organizations and local and touring artists and gain scheduling and event coordination skills in a multicultural environment.