Monitor Resolution Fundamentals                        Name:                                Period:

1. The resolution of a screen or monitor is made up of tiny dots called ____________

2. A high definition television that is 720p means there are _______ pixels from ________ to _________.

3. The most popular screen resolution is (was) 1024 x 768. Use the computer monitor below and draw where the 1024 pixels are 768 pixels are located.

4. A youtube video is 320 x 240. If you stretch this video to fit the screen, what happens to the videos quality? Why does this happen?

5. Recently, a monitor with a dimension of 1280 x 768 (or 1280 x 780)has become popular. Why is that?

6. A 1080p represents a high def screen. How many standard resolution screens could fit in a high definition screen? ________

7. If a camera takes a picture that is 2304 x 3456 pixels. It was probably taken from a ______ megapixel digital camera.

8. My iPhone 4 can take a picture that is 2592 x 1936. Use a calculator and figure out how many megapixels the camera in the iPhone is: _______

9. Visit the webpage What is the resolution of the screen you are using: __________ x __________. If you have a mobile device, try it on your phone. What is the resolution of your mobile device: __________ x __________.

10. When taking a picture, an object (person or dog)  will look in focus as long as their ________ are in focus.