UnGoogleable Website Evaluation

Directions: With your team, look at the website printouts displayed on tables in class.  As a group, figure out the traits each group has in common.  Complete this form with your team as you look at the website printouts.  You should have three to five traits in each category.  

Suggested Words: date, author, advertisements, fact, opinion, college, sources

Above Grade Level Source Traits

  • They don’t have advertisements
  • Emotions, abuse
  • Author

Names: Drew,Micheal,Griselda

At Grade Level Source Traits

  • Ads
  • World News
  • They only have questions and no answers
  • geology
  • Personal disorders


Below Grade Level Source Traits

  • Ads
  • Formal opinion
  • Not enough information
  • Teen jobs
  • Dates


Far Below Grade Level Source Traits

  • Physical effects
  • Ads
  • Lettering
  • Pop ups
  • Dates