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EVA 8 Report

Christina Graves Reporting

EVA Time:


EVA Crewmembers:

Cody (KJ4RLF)


Base Communications:

Tommy (KJ4KAC)

EVA Procedure

The crew set out to find Cow Dung Reservoir for soil samples for geology and biology experiments, but were unable to locate the site.  Soil samples were taken from alternative locations, instead.  The sites were chosen based on characteristics of water flow.  General site locations were north and north east of the hab, and were predetermined, and based on a satellite image map of the area.  The team was not to deviate from established ATV paths, and ATV helmets were exchanged with bubble helmets prior to sample collection and on-foot exploration of sites.

EVA Results

Soil samples were returned from two sites located at 12S 0518280, 4255774 UTM (Site 1) and 12S 0518175, 4253614 UTM (Site 2).  Accuracy of the first GPS location was 4m, with an altitude of 1370m. A third sample (consisting of a 1 lb. rock) was collected at 12S 0518584, 4252862 UTM, with a GPS accuracy of 5m, and an altitude of 1359.

Lessons Learned

Accurately map and locate destinations prior to ATV; or, take along a crew member who is familiar with the destination of interest.

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