Adam Portilla

2847 NW 71st St
Seattle, WA 98117

BA double major: Art, Computer Science

Grinnell College ‘03


Computer Scientist

2011 - present

I’m currently working very hard as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud team, designing much of the front-end webapp architecture and implementing powerful presentation and collaboration tools.

Adobe is the foremost developer of digital creative tools in the world.


Web Developer

2007 - 2011
Los Angeles

Spearheaded the development and design of a unit-tested JS/CSS component library and infrastructure for Wiredrive’s digital asset management and presentation web application. Implemented PHPUnit, YUI test, and Selenium. Developed RESTful component relationships between complex hierarchical data models. Designed and implemented Wiredrive’s iOS web presentations. Learned to love the agile SCRUM process through more than fifty consecutive two-week sprints.

Wiredrive is the leading tool used by ad-agencies and production companies for managing and presenting digital video assets online.

Funkhaus Design Laboratory

Freelance Web Developer

2008 - 2011

Los Angeles

Responsible for creating embeddable multimedia players, mobile alternatives to flash sites, and social network API integration. I provided Funkhaus with many re-usable and cross-browser HTML, JS, and CSS solutions.

Funkhaus Design Laboratory is a web/brand design shop for many of the top talents in the ad-agency and commercial director industries.


Lead Designer and Web Developer

2005 - 2007


Created many award-winning web-based e-learning courses for clients such as Dell Computer, McDonalds, and JetBlue.  I participated in the initial brainstorming with the client,  crafted pixel-perfect design proposals in Photoshop,  and fully implemented interactive UI with HTML, JS, and CSS.

Nogginlabs creates customized e-learning software for employee training and education,  with a focus on user engagement through creativity, design, and interaction.


Chalkboard Artist and Shift Manager

2004 - 2005


Illustrated merchandise boards at fourteen downtown Starbucks locations, and led a large team of baristas through the holiday season at one of the busiest coffee shops in the mid-west.  I learned a lot about teamwork, people skills, coffee beans, and charcoal pastels.