Synodically Authorized Worshiping Community

Steering Committee

June 9, 2010


Attendees:  Kenn Mingus, Phil and Sally Hart, Patti Langsdale, John Nelson, Carl Christensen, Tim Draney

Absent:  Dee Rose, Jeff Trang, (Brad Forsberg?)

Note taker:  Kim Saunders

Phil started the meeting in prayer.

We had discussion about reaching out to others that may be interested in joining us.  We had about 30 people at the meeting at Briarwood.  Kenn mentioned that he talked to Sue Clonts at GRACE and she would be interested in attending the new chapel.  Perhaps personal contact is best.  We need to get the place and the pastor lined up, then as we see people, we need to tell them.  At first, it will probably be more of a casual word-of-mouth type of getting people to know about it.  Also, we need to establish ourselves to what we want to be and then spread the word beyond LWLC people.  We can also be on the ELCA website for people looking for an ELCA church.

Some people have already gone to Calvary and Rejoice and are not going to come join us.  However, some people may be at LW who are unhappy that may come join us.  Phil was thinking that once we decide to do the SAWC, we need to start getting the word out.  

Tim mentioned putting it in the local newspaper.  It’s a branding process.  We could do this after we meet a couple times and make sure we get it going.  

We need to call ourselves a chapel not a church.  We need a name to open a bank account.

Possible names that were discussed:

        Chapel (Church) of the Transformation

        Abundant Grace

        Abiding Grace

        Hope Lutheran Chapel


        Shepherd of the Hills

        Our Savior

        Prince of Peace

        Good Shepherd        

        Light of Christ


        Our Lord of Grace

Then discussion followed on whether we need a permanent name or a more temporary name right now.  The committee wants a permanent name.

 What process should we use to decide.  Possibly get a short list and send it out to the ones at the Briarwood  meeting.  This may just cause us to get 30 more names.  Kenn suggested that the steering committee should choose the name.  

Possible names for treasurer – Scott Miller, Lynette Clemens, Brent Anderson

Perhaps we can reach out to John Holzgraefe for legal advice.  

We need to check with Steve Kanouse on how to get the EIN and bank account.

Meeting places:  Bessie Mitchell house next to the GV Botanical Gardens will cost a minimum of $100 per Sunday.  Merlot room also has 60 chairs without a kitchen.  It is $25 per hour.  Bessie Mitchell is definitely bigger.  We may have to bring extra chairs to Bessie Mitchell.  Southlake Chamber of Commerce has a room 16x27 seating 40 people.  The Texas Epicenter on 114 has meeting space.  The city is possibly buying the old Gateway building but Gateway hasn’t decided to sell.  Bessie Mitchell is not available on June 20 and 27; and July 25.  Tim Draney talked to Weight Watchers about using that space.  Runway Theatre is not allowed to let others use the space since they lease it.  Seventh Day Adventist church is too far.  There is a Jewish synagogue in Colleyville.  The Great Room at the Epicenter holds 250 people.  Timarron also has rooms available.  The “community room” at Southride Lakes where the Nelson’s live may be a possibility.  It is two smaller rooms and may not be what we need.  Ideally we need to get some routine. Community buildings in Southlake can only be used by non-profit and/or city business.  This is at Southlake Town Center.

When will we have a person and will be only have them on Sunday.  Sally emailed the Bishop and asked about this and it costs $250 a day plus expenses.  Kenn said that Steve and Kevin interviewed someone today.  He would like our co-leaders to meet with this person next week.  

Kenn and Phil were selected to be the co-leaders.

A service and a bible study would be great every week.

As we formed our committee, we don’t have anyone with kids.  We don’t have anyone who is worrying about youth groups and confirmation. How do we affiliate with other churches to address these issues?  Tim mentioned that the founding group is probably going to be like us and then as we get more established and partner with other churches, then those with kids will come.  It is something that we have to keep in mind…that we need to bring in younger families.

Do we need a piano player and does someone have a keyboard?

What do we want to shoot for as our first date to meet?  July 11.  Town Center location sounds great.  Sally, Tim, and John are going to scout out the places.  They are also going to check the new fire station in Southlake.  John is going to check the fire station and the City hall in SL.  Tim is checking WW and the Epicenter.  Sally is looking at Bessie Mitchell and Merlot.  Check Sunday availability, number of chairs, is there a kitchen for coffee.  

Bank account etc – Kenn, Phil, and Carl will talk to the synod about that while they are there.  

Regular meeting schedule:  meet soon after meeting with Bishop and after checking out real estate.  Mon is best meeting night for Tim as he travels after that.  Next meeting will be Monday June 21.

What supplies do we need? A communion set?  An ELCA church in Farmers Branch merged with another church.  Kenn sent them an email asking about things that they have available.  

Sshould we make sure that the Bishop gets his audience with LWLC people after the vote.  

Hopefully first worship will be July 11.

Treasurer – Phil will talk to Lynette.  

We will worship weekly.  If room isn’t available – we could possibly have a picnic.  What time will we meet – 9:30 service possibly followed by Sunday School.

Tim, Sally, Patti, and John will look at real estate.  

Kenn, Phil, and Carl will talk to synod to meet with possible pastoral candidate and also banking information.

We closed the meeting with a circle prayer.