Preparing to Look at Student Work


It is beneficial for teams of teachers to look at student work together. Collaboration enables teachers to overcome their biases about students and to more effectively find evidence in student work to justify grading choices.  In addition, looking at student work collaboratively allows teachers to become more reflective about the ways in which they assess student work and it also provides an opportunity for schools to be more consistent in their expectations and grading.

Read more:  Why Protocols? From School Reform Initiative

Select an appropriate protocol for looking at student work. Decide which one is best based on the description below.

Protocols Source: School Reform Initiative, available online 

Basic Protocol

  1. What do you see? (10 minutes)

  1. What does this student know how to do? (10  minutes)

  1. What is the next thing this student needs to learn? (10 minutes)

  1. What will the teacher do to move the student along? (15 minutes)

Source:  Teaching Matters, Inc. 2014